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KZ Acoustics Releases ZS10 Pro X: Upgraded Five-Driver Hybrid Set Of In-Ear Monitors

KZ Acoustics Releases ZS10 Pro X: Upgraded Five-Driver Hybrid Set Of In-Ear Monitors

Knowledge Zenith, commonly known as KZ Acoustics is a famous brand among audiophiles. The brand has always kept its roots with budget audiophiles, bringing regular updates to budget-friendly markets. Today, KZ Acoustics has released an update to the classic ZS10 Pro IEMs, presenting the all-new KZ ZS10 Pro X. With exquisite craftsmanship, upgrade BA drivers, and readjusted tuning, the KZ ZS10 Pro X delivers impeccable sound performance with ultimate clarity and resolution. It's a direct successor to the famous ZS10 Pro.

KZ ZS10 Pro X-1

KZ ZS10 Pro X comes at an attractive price tag of just 38$, you can check out more information over here.

With its roots in the OG ZS10 Pro, the latest ZS10 Pro X features the same driver config as the original model. It houses a five-driver hybrid combination with one 10mm dynamic driver unit and four high-performance upgraded balanced armature drivers. KZ has upgraded the Balanced armature drivers on the ZS10 Pro X. Instead of regular ones, ZS10 Pro X comes with newly-developed Black-Gold 50024s balanced armature driver units. They deliver better resolution, better clarity, and better details than the previous model. Complementing the high-performance balanced armature drivers on the ZS10 Pro X is a 10mm dynamic driver unit. The pair produces powerful bass response with lovely midrange with the professionally adjusted tuning of the ZS10 Pro X. It has been tuned by a professional team of acoustic engineers that have over 10 years of experience in the hobby.

KZ ZS10 Pro X-2

ZS10 Pro X features exquisite-looking premium ear shells. The pair has been designed with metallic alloy face covers and ergonomically shaped Resin cavities. It catches the eye in an instant with its premium finish. KZ bundles the ZS10 Pro X with a new flat-silver-plated cable. It adopts newly developed 0.75mm two-pin connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug. KZ has also made the ZS10 Pro X available with an in-line mic. The pair starts at 38$ only, feel free to check out more information over here.

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