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Kinera x Effect Audio Orlog ConX Premium Mixed Hybrid IEM Upgrade Cable

Kinera x Effect Audio Orlog ConX Premium Mixed Hybrid IEM Upgrade Cable

Kinera is a well-recognized name in the HiFi audio industry. The brand is mostly known for its exquisite range of in-ear monitors designed with utmost precision delivering quality sound with beautiful designer looks. Today, Kinera in collaboration with Effect Audio, a premium HiFi audio brand from Singapore has released its latest premium IEM upgrade cable, the Kinera x Effect Audio Orlog. Effect Audio is a premium brand from Singapore. They have a huge range of premium cables designed especially for high-performance in-ear monitors. The latest Orlog is a brilliantly-designed cable made using top-quality components to ensure a pure sound experience!!

Kinera x Effect Audio Orlog-1

Kinera x Effect Audio Orlog is available in two different variants, 4-core and 8-core. The cable starts at 699$ for the 4-core variant while the 8-core variant is priced at 999$. Check out more details here.

Orlog has been designed using top-quality wire cores. It consists of two different configurations braided together for a premium sound performance. This includes high-purity gold-plated copper cores with silver-plated copper cores braided with a high-purity pure copper core with pure sterling silver mixed cable. Each wire here has a diameter of 26AWG. With this premium mixed core configuration, Orlog enhances your listening experience with its balanced tonality, rich midrange, and unparalleled sound resolution. To protect the sound signal from external interferences, the cable has been treated with Effect Audio’s patented Ultra-Flexi insulation layer. Orlog actually has a super premium build quality. The cable has an exquisite build with CNC machined aluminum alloy casings around the Y-Slitter, Connectors, Temrinaiton Plug, and even the Chin Slider. The casings have a rich anodized finish giving the cable a premium touch.

Kinera x Effect Audio Orlog-2

Orlog also features Effect Audio’s patented ConX replaceable connector system. The cable comes with 2-pin 0.78mm and MMCX connectors as stock. You can purchase other ConX-supported connectors from Effect Audio as per your requirements as well. Orlog features a high-quality gold-plated brass 4.4mm balanced termination plug. Kinera has treated the all-new Orlog with superb packaging that looks unique to the cable and delivers a rich unboxing experience for its users. Kinera x Effect Audio Orlog is a premium cable designed with top-quality components for an exquisite listening experience!! It is priced at 699$ for the 4-core variant and 999$ for the 8-core variant. You can check out more information about the Orlog here.

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