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Kinera Nanna Now Available In An All-New Color!!

Kinera Nanna Now Available In An All-New Color!!

Have you heard of the goddess Nanna?? She is the wife of the god Baldr and goddess of moon and wisdom according to Norse Mythology. Kinera took inspiration from her and made the beautiful Kinera Nanna for the community late last year. It is a premium pair of in-ear monitors that grabbed many positive reviews from reviewers and users around the globe. Nanna is an amazingly built pair with an ergonomic shell and artistic designer faceplates it looks super beautiful. A few days back at the Shenzhen International Audio Expo 2020, Kinera showcased an all-new color variant for the Nanna, Mount Nanna. This new color will release officially on 6th Nov, shipments will begin shortly after the launch. Kinera Nanna has a price tag of 899$, check out more details here.

All-New Artistic Color, Ultimate New Looks:-

The all-new Mount Nanna has a mountain blue tone that gives a new artistic look to the pair. Previously available color has strokes of Red, Brown, Blue, and more colors on the faceplates like a night sky While the new shade has a new different design with Blue, Brown, Yellow, and more colors. The pair now has a color contrast of a bright mountain sky in this new avatar.

Kinera Nanna-1

Flagship Performer In Your Pocket:-

Well, we all are aware of the impeccable performance of the Kinera Nanna. With the new variant release, Kinera has not changed anything internally, it still features the same four-driver hybrid setup that delivers class-leading performance with fast quick bass, natural vocals, and outstanding detail retrieval with a massive soundstage. You can buy the Kinera Nanna in any color of your choice now, it promises to deliver out of this world sound experience.

Kinera Nanna-2

Here’s what reviewers have to say about our beloved Nanna.


Kinera Nanna is an excellent IEM and I think it has one of the best treble performances in the market right now. Highs are simply phenomenal and if you like your treble to be sparkling, this is one of the IEMs that you should look for.

Other aspects like bass quality and depth, sound-stage, and smooth mid reproduction are the other things that shine in this IEM. For this performance, it earns a spot on our Best Universal IEMs page.

Check out their complete review here.


Kinera has unleashed another powerhouse of an IEM that has greeted my ears with natural excellence. With another beautiful design and an equality beautiful sound signature, the Nanna is an impressive effort by a brand that has yet to disappoint me. For the price of $899, you can get a flagship quality sound for less than a grand.

Check out their complete review here.

Zeos(Z Reviews):-

What these IEMs can do, is make every single track in your music library impressive. It sounds so different and impressive that I couldn’t recognize the songs that I always listen to at first instance. While reviewing I usually skip through songs saying this is not a good track to test, But with the Kinera Nanna, every single track sounded like it is a remastered. They can respond to the lower end in a beautiful way that is absolutely pleasurable but not overdone. These are one of my favorite flagship IEM’s under 1000$.

Watch his complete review here.

Kinera Nanna-3

Kinera Nanna has grabbed many positive reviews from all its users on Headfi.org too. It is a brilliant pair in every single aspect, and now it has become even better with the new color option. This new Mountain Blue color will release officially on 6th November and shipments will follow shortly after. You can check out more details about the Kinera Nanna here.

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