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Kinera Launches Ace 2.0 Modular Cable & Celest CD-1 USB Type-C To 3.5mm Connector

Kinera Launches Ace 2.0 Modular Cable & Celest CD-1 USB Type-C To 3.5mm Connector

Kinera and its sub-brand Celest are quite active in the HiFi audio industry. Both these brands are actively releasing new and updated products specializing in In-Ear Monitors. But today is slightly different, we have got one new product from each of them with Kinera releasing an upgrade cable, the Kinera Ace 2.0, and Celest introducing a portable USB Type-C to 3.5mm converter with built-in high-performance DAC, the Celest CD-1. Let’s know more about them.

Kinera Ace 2.0-1

Kinera Ace 2.0: Magic Rope Upgraded!!

Kinera released the Ace modular IEM upgrade cable released last year. The new Ace 2.0 is an upgrade to the cable with new and better core material resulting in improved performance for the users. Available in both MMCX and 2-pin options, Kinera Ace 2.0 modular cable is priced at just 49$, you can check out more information over here.

Kinera Ace 2.0 cable has solid built quality and internal structure. The cable is made using high-purity silver foil and Copper alloy wire cores. It has an 8-strand configuration with 4-strands of silver-foil wires with 7 cores of 0.2mm on each strand, and 4 strands of high-quality copper alloy wires with 28-strands each of 0.05mm thickness. The cable has a strong braided structure with high-quality aluminum alloy metallic casings on the Y-Splitter and Termination plugs. Kinera Ace 2.0 has a modular termination design with replaceable 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs. Each plug here is crafted using high-quality gold-plated copper material.

Kinera Ace 2.0-2

As per sound improvements, Ace 2.0 brings noticeable improvements over the previous model. It has smoother extensions at theta and lower ends of the frequency spectrum. We also get a crispier resolution and smoother definition over a wide frequency range. Kinera also features a high-quality skin-friendly PVC Sheathing outer layer that protects the sound signal from outside interferences. Kinera Ace 2.0 is a premium-quality IEM upgrade cable with a modular termination plug system, priced at just 49$, it is an attractive offering that users must consider when looking for an upgrade cable. You can check out more information over here.

Kinera Celest CD1-1

Kinera Celest CD-1: Portable USB Type-C to 3.5mm Connectors.

Next up is the CD-1 from Celest. It’s an ultra-compact portable USB Type-C to 3.5mm converter. Celest has featured a high-performance ALC5686 DAC chipset that supports decoding for high-resolution 32-bit/384kHz PCM audio signals. Celest CD-1 delivers quality sound performance with a compact form factor. It is a pocket-friendly offering for audiophiles looking for a budget-friendly solution to get 3.5mm output from their smartphones or laptops, Celest CD-1 is priced at just 25$.

With the ALC5686 decoding chipset, Celest CD-1 delivers impressive sound performance in decoding high-resolution PCM signals. The resulting output is clean and crisp with high SNR performance, clear dynamic range, and low distortion ratings. Celest CD-1 has got a solid build structure with high-quality 6063 aluminum alloy shell casing. It not only gives the device a robust build but also protects the circuit from electromagnetic interference. CD-1 has an output power rating of 30mW @32Ω of impedance load.

Kinera Celest CD1-2

Kinera Celest CD-1 is a handy device because most of the latest smartphones and laptops have dropped the idea of a 3.5mm headphone jack. Celest CD-1 helps in that regard and allows one to use their standard IEMs or earphones with the phone easily. Grab the Celest CD-1 for just 25$, more details are available here.

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