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Kinera Imperial Loki: Ultimate Flagship Quadbrid IEMs

Kinera Imperial Loki: Ultimate Flagship Quadbrid IEMs

Kinera is a HiFi audio gear brand from China. They specialize in specially developed in-ear monitors with beautiful hand-painted earshells. Kinera has a wide range of award-winning products. Their IEMs are loved by audiophiles all around the globe not only for the looks part but also for their excellent sonic capabilities. Today, we are super excited to bring their latest flagship IEMs for you guys, meet the all-new Kinera Loki. Loki is a famous name from the Norse Mythological tales. He is the god of fire, and mischief, and is usually seen plotting evil plots all around. He is a great character as per the stories, one of the key characters if you ask us. Kinera has designed the Loki keeping inspiration from the mythological tales of this mischievious god. The pair is ultimate in every regard, from an outstanding range of accessories to a carefully designed 12-driver quad-brid setup. The pair adopts four different kinds of drivers including dynamic driver, balanced armature driver, EST driver, and BCD driver units.

Kinera Imperial Loki-1

Loki is the ultimate in terms of sonic brilliance that Kinera has to offer as of now, grab yours for $3099. Indulge yourself in pure music presence with the Kinera Loki, grab yours here.

As we mentioned earlier, The Kinera Loki has a full plethora of drivers. It is a highly-equipped pair, we have 12 drivers on each side adjusted together to work as a coherent unit. Loki houses a 6mm strong magnetic customized dynamic driver unit, six high-performance balanced armature drivers(4BA’s for midrange+2BA’s for highs), four EST drivers for ultra-high-frequencies, and a customized bone-conduction driver unit for exceptional punch in the low-frequency region. Kinera has adopted high-quality drivers from Knowles(for BA drivers) and SONION(for EST drivers), ensuring top-level performance throughout the frequency band. All the driver units are adjusted together to deliver a coherent and detailed sound output. Professional acoustic engineers at Kinera have adjusted the sound tuning of the pair to hit the sweet spot with exceptional details, clear resolution, natural timbre, and a solid deep-diving bass response. The Bone Conduction driver does its magic with a physical low-frequency reach. Experience the bass drop with solid rumble into your ears.

Kinera Imperial Loki-2

Kinera treats its pairs with exceptionally beautiful hand-painted ear shells. The flagship Loki here is no different. We have stunning looks depicting the Loki with a beautiful Red and Blue color theme on the face covers. The Red here depicts Loki as he is the god of Fire, and the Blue here is the surface of the earth. It’s a stunning iteration that the artist has achieved beautifully on the pair.

Kinera Imperial Loki-3

Kinera bundles the Loki with an exquisite range of accessories. We get two stock cables, one is a 4-strand UPOCC copper cable from Effect Audio and the other is a Kinera customized Gold-Plated 6N OCC and Litz Silver-Plated 6N OCC Cable. Both these cables have 0.78mm connectors and a 4.4mm balanced termination plug. Apart from these two high-quality cables, we get 13 pairs of eartips including Final Audio Type-E, SpinFit CP145, Azla SednaEarfit Light, etc), and a leather carry case as well.

Kinera Imperial Loki-4

Kinera Imperial Loki is an exceptional in-ear monitor. Everything about this godly IEM is outstanding, from ultimate looks, ultimate driver configuration, ultimate sonic capabilities, and ultimate set of accessories, we have everything with the Kinera Loki. Grab this outstanding pair today for $3099, refer here for more details.

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