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Kinera Imperial Baldr 2.0: Five Upgrades For The Flagship Tribrid EST IEM

Kinera Imperial Baldr 2.0: Five Upgrades For The Flagship Tribrid EST IEM

In recent times, Kinera has revisited their lineup and revamped, upgraded those beautiful IEMs with improvements in packaging, design, tuning, as well as the included accessories. We got the Nanna 2.0 Pro just a few weeks back, today, Kinera has released an update to their flagship set, the brand new Kinera Imperial Baldr, or we can also say the Baldr 2.0. Similar to their recent upgrade with the Nanna 2.0 Pro, the Baldr 2.0 brings new looks, new packaging, a new set of ear tips, a new 4.4mm balanced cable, and new adapters.

Kinera Baldr 2-2

Baldr from Kinera is the flagship crown jewel in Kinera’s lineup that brings you an experience of high-resolution audio with four Sonion Electrostatic drivers, 2 Knowles high-performance BA drivers, and one Kinera customized Dynamic driver on each side. The latest Baldr 2.0 maintains the clarity and dynamics of the OG Baldr but this time with slight adjustments to the tuning for refined and improved lower and higher-end performance. The latest Kinera Imperial Baldr 2.0 is available to purchase for 1399$, check out more details here.
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Key Changes With the Kinera Imperial Baldr 2.0:-

Oak Wood Ear Shells Reflecting The Beauty Of The God Of Light:-

Throughout History, Oaktree has been portrayed in different mythologies and at times was associated with a certain god, including Baldr the god of light.  The Original Baldr has featured rich oak wood shells, the latest Imperial Baldr 2.0 takes up the things a notch with a shiny metallic ring design around the rich oak wood carved ear cavities. The cavities here also have a reddish tone to them which gives better contrast and a rich smooth finish. Oakwood material is also known for its longevity and long-lasting qualities.

Kinera Baldr 2-3

Designer Packaging With New Slogan:-

Kinera has redesigned the packaging for all its latest products. The Baldr 2.0 here is no different. It has a colorful packaging that has quite a beautiful look. It also has a slogan that reads, Light Shall Bloom Once More. As we all know that the Baldr is the Norse god of light, this slogan is highly relatable.

Explore New Horizons With Fully Balanced 4.4mm Cable:-

Kinera has upgraded the cable they have bundled for the OG Baldr. The Baldr 2.0 has a 6N OCC gold-plated cable that has 4.4mm termination plug. The package includes 4.4mm to 3.5mm and 4.4mm to 2.5mm termination plugs ensuring compatibility with all the different sources out there. Users can choose their preferred termination and pair the Baldr 2.0 without any trouble. Not to mention the 4.4mm balanced connection will offer excellent performance.

Kinera Baldr 2-4

Brand New Set Of Accessories:-

Kinera has designed a new set of custom JH-FY009-R silicone ear tips that have a red tone inner tube matching the look and design of Baldr 2.0. They have also included high-quality 4.4mm-2.5mm and 4.4mm-3.5mm adapters for easy connectivity.

Your Trusted Seven Driver Configuration With New Adjusted Tuning:-

Baldr 2.0 boasts the same seven-driver tribrid configuration as with the former model featuring four Sonion EST drivers, two Knowles Balanced armatures, and one customized Dynamic driver unit. Get involved in your high-resolution music with out-of-this-world clarity and precision with the latest Kinera Imperial Baldr 2.0. The latest model has received adjustments in its tuning for a more refined presentation in the lower and higher-end frequencies.

Kinera Baldr 2.0-1

We are pretty sure you are gonna love the Baldr 2.0 same as you loved the OG model. This one surely brings outstanding looks and texture. You can order the Kinera Baldr 2.0 from our store for just 1399$. Check out more details here.

Technical Specifications:-

>Driver Configuration: 4 EST+ 2 BA+ 1DD.

>Impedance: 22ohm.

>Input Power: 3mW.

>Sensitivity: 109dB.

>Frequency response range: 5Hz-50kHz.

>THD+N: <5%.

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