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Kinera Freya Released In All-New Sparkling Blue Color!!

Kinera Freya Released In All-New Sparkling Blue Color!!

Earlier this year Kinera released many high-resolution IEMs including the very beautiful eye-catchy pair, the Kinera Freya.  It combines a powerful dynamic driver unit with three balanced armature drivers inside beautiful hand-painted ear cavities. The earpieces look-like an exquisite gem, a superb work of talented artists. Kinera remarked that from the early development, their idea was to create an IEM that matches the qualities of the brave goddess Freya from Norse Mythology. Earlier the Kinera Freya was available in two color options, Black and White. The pair sells like hotcakes with its price tag at just 249.99$.

Kinera Freya-1

Kinera has now announced an all-new color for quad-driver IEMs, now it can be bought in Sparkling Blue color. As evident from the name, it has a glittery blue shade that gives a vibe of the glittery night sky. It has a hand-painted white design that adds a great contrast to the looks of the pair. It actually looks quite similar to the Mount Nanna, a special new color designed for Kinera Nanna.

All-New Looks, Same Trusted Performance:-

Kinera Freya has got a complete look change with its new avatar. The earpieces have beautiful gradients of Blue and purple as a glittery base with a beautiful White hand-painted design on it. The pair reminds me of a sparkling night sky with glittery stars to looks at. This new contrast on the ear shells is very eye-catchy and presents the beloved goddess Freya in a new look. In my words, The amazing looking Kinera Freya just got better with this new avatar of the goddess.

Sparkling Blue Kinera Freya:-

Kinera Freya-2

Kinera Freya-3

Kinera Freya-4

Kinera Freya-5

Kinera Freya-6

Check out our unboxing of White Kinera Freya:-

We have loved the Kinera Freya ever since the pair was released. It has got many positive feedbacks from users all around the globe. Good news is there is no increase in the price for the latest Sparkling Blue variant, just choose the Blue color while ordering one for yourself. Check out more about the Kinera Freya on our store page here.

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