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Kinera Freya Latest Multi Driver Hybrid IEM Released

Kinera Freya Latest Multi Driver Hybrid IEM Come with Two Adapters

Last month Kinera unveiled two of its latest IEM's which the brand is planning to release in the coming weeks, Kinera Freya a multi-driver hybrid IEM, and Kinera Baldr, the latest flagship from the pair featuring a hybrid driver setup consisting of four EST driver units. The wait for Kinera Freya is over now, the brand has officially launched the brilliant pair in two outstanding colors, Freya crowned( Rosewood color), and Freya Armor(Beautiful Black) at a price of 249$. You can order one for yourself from our store here, shipments are going to begin soon.


About Kinera:-

Kinera is China-based earphone equipment brand. They have been manufacturing brilliant pair of in-ear monitors starting from 30$ with the Kinera TYR and go as up as Kinera Baldr(Upcoming model) which is supposed to be priced at 1400$. The IEM's whether it be 30$ one or their flagship model, features a rich build quality that gives exquisite and different looks to the IEM's. Recently the brand has been naming its IEM's based on gods from the Norse Mythology and the Freya is one among them. Freya is the goddess of Love and Beauty according to the Norse Mythology, and the pair is designed with outstanding brilliance to match the looks of a goddess.

Technical Specifications of Kinera Freya:-

>Driver configuration: 1 dynamic driver (DD) + 3 BA drivers
>Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
>Impedance: 22 Ohms
>Sensitivity: 110 +/- 2db
>Distortion: <5% @ 1kHz, 100db SPL

Story Behind Designing the Kinera Freya:-

In the beginning, Kinera's chief designer spent months doing intensive research. From testing different materials to comparing hand-painting techniques. Eventually, she found the best painting materials and their matching colors suitable to represent Freya, the ancient goddess of beauty and love in Norse mythology.

Freya - ("Lady"), was the goddess of love & beauty in the Norse Mythology. As a goddess of war, half of those who died in battle would come to her hall. The other half went to Odin's hall, Valhalla. She was married to the great God Odin. When one day he mysteriously disappeared, she embarked on a journey traveling the nine worlds to find him. When she failed, she wept tears of gold. Her tears would turn to precious stones, called "Freya's Tears."

Made with Utmost Perfection:-

Each unit of Kinera Freya is completely handmade and hand-painted with utmost perfection to provide a brilliant looking pair. The exterior design of the earpiece is hand sketched. The design is all hand-painted by a skilled designer.

Multi-Unit Hybrid Setup For Energetic Sound:-

Kinera Freya-3

The Kinera Freya is equipped with a powerful four-driver hybrid setup on each side consisting of one Kinera self-developed 7mm micro dynamic driver unit along with three balanced armature drivers. Kinera has used a professional internal crossover to send low, mid, and high frequencies to dedicated drivers and provide a distortion-free sharp sound output.

Lifelike Sound Clarity:-

The multi-driver hybrid setup provides a crisp detailed sound output. The pair is tuned to provide beautiful sound at an extensive range of sound frequencies. It provides impactful deep bass, Natural lifelike mids, transparent treble with an energetic signature. The pair has a wide soundstage with precise imaging capabilities.

Easy To Drive:-

The Kinera Freya is very easy to drive, the pair has an impedance of 22 ohms with a high sensitivity of 110dB. With Kinera Freya, users can enjoy high-quality sound quality anytime anywhere at the ease of their smartphones.

Bundled With The Best Accessories:-

The Kinera Freya comes with a beautiful cable, the main attraction is the inclusion of Type-C connector cable and a lightning port connector cable. So the pair supports your smartphone whether it has a 3.5mm port, or Type-C port, or lightning port straight out of the box. Other accessories include three pairs of silicone tips, a carry case, and more.

The Kinera Freya is a brilliant looking IEM, both the colors have exquisite gorgeous looks, and depending on the past products from the brand we are pretty sure it sounds outstanding too. The main attraction of the package is the inclusion of Type-C and lightning connectors. Users can grab this awesome looking, brilliantly equipped pair for just 249$, Check more details here.

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