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Kinera Celest Introduces Relentless 1DD+6BA IEMs With Hand-Painted Face Covers

Kinera Celest Introduces Relentless 1DD+6BA IEMs With Hand-Painted Face Covers

Celest, a sub-brand to the famous name Kinera has been quite active lately. Just a few days ago, we got its Pandamon 2.0, the second-generation to its highly acclaimed SPD 2.0 driver IEM, and today we are delighted to have a brand new product from the brand. Today, we are going to release the Celest’s first-ever high-end multi-driver set of IEMs, the Celest Relentless.

Celest Relentless is launched officially for $169.99, you can get yours here. It is also available in our AliExpress, Amazon Japan, and Amazon US stores as well.

Relentless brings us a traditional combination of dynamic and balanced armature drivers with a modern acoustic structure developed by Celest to ensure high-quality performance. Celest Relentless promises a high-end sound in a cost-effective package!! So far, Celest has impressed us with all of its releases, the New Relentless is something different and something really unique. We are super-excited for the Relentless, Are You??

Kinera Celest Relentless 1DD+6BA IEMs-1

Celest keeps its roots firm in the Chinese Fantasy tales with its products. The brand associates a background story to each of its products, the Relentless is no different here. Relentless has got a very interesting back story from the Chinese Fantasy Tale, “Shanhaijing”, the Classic of Mountains and Seas.

Relentless refers to the tale of Lass, the youngest daughter of Yan Di, who tragically drowned while swimming in the East China Sea. She was subsequently transformed into the bird known as Relentless. Relentless determined to prevent such a tragedy from befalling others. She took it upon herself to protect the living beings by reclaiming the Sea. The design and tuning theme of the pair is based on its tragic and heroic tale from fantasy literature!!

Kinera Celest Relentless 1DD+6BA IEMs-2

As mentioned earlier, Celest has equipped the Relentless with a multi-driver hybrid setup. The pair houses a seven-driver hybrid setup on each side featuring an 8mm dynamic driver unit and six customized high-performance BA drivers. The 8mm driver here is responsible for a deep and powerful lower-end, two custom 29689 drivers are responsible for crisp mid and high-frequency response, and four 10012 BA drivers promise clear and extended high-frequency bands.

With this three-way frequency crossover, and professional tuning adjustments by experienced acoustic engineers at Celest, the Relentless delivers a fast and responsive sound with a highly-balanced tonality. The set packs a deep-diving lower-end response, high clarity and lovely resolution throughout the frequency band. It’s highly-balanced tone will complement different genres of music well together!!

Kinera Celest Relentless 1DD+6BA IEMs-3

Celest Relentless is going to be one of the best-looking if not the best-looking set in the lineup. Celest has joined hands with HeyGears, one of the top 3D printing companies in China, to skillfully craft the resin shell of the Relentless. The ear cavities are done with full precision, and the skin-friendly resin material promises a comfortable fit. The faceplates are skillfully hand-painted by professional artists. They have a beautiful pattern depicting the feathers of the Relentless Bird and the waves of the East China Sea!!

Celest bundles the Relentless IEMs with a range of high-quality accessories. It comes with 8 pairs of high-quality eartips(3 pairs of Vocal, 3 pairs of balanced, and 2 pairs of foam). Relentless includes a high-purity 5N copper silver-plated cable with an interchangeable plug system. The package here includes 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced termination plugs.

Kinera Celest Relentless 1DD+6BA IEMs-4

Kinera Celest Relentless is here to take your listening experience to all-new heights. With its comfortable build structure, solid multi-driver setup, and high-quality accessories, the set promises an impressive sound listening experience!!

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