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Kinera Announces URD: Latest Tribrid IEMs With First-Ever 3D Printed Stereoscopic Faceplates

Kinera Announces URD: Latest Tribrid IEMs With First-Ever 3D Printed Stereoscopic Faceplates

Over the past few years, Kinera has designed some of the best-looking premium in-ear monitors in the HiFi audio industry. They have also got expertise in designing tribrid configurations with their famous models such as the Kinera Baldr and the Kinera Nanna. Both of these were the flagship offerings from Kinera. But today, Kinera has announced a tribrid set with a flagship-level performance at a mid-fig level price, meet the all-new Kinera URD.

Kinera URD features a five-driver configuration on per side housing dual Sonion EST drivers, dual Dynamic drivers, and a balanced armature driver. It’s their first-ever pair of IEMs to feature a 3D-printed stereoscopic faceplate design. Kinera is known widely for its exquisite designing with Hand-painted shells, believe us the URD takes it a step further with 3D-printed faceplates. For the URD, Kinera has designed a brand new high-purity cable that consists of 6N OCC+Silver-plated OCC+Gold-plated OCC cores. Like all new cables by Kinera, this cable also has a swappable termination plug design. Users get different termination plugs in the package included too. Kinera has priced the URD quite well at 650$. You can check out more details on our product page here.

Kinera URD-1


>Five-driver Tribrid configuration per side.

>Dual Sonion EST drivers.

>Titanium-Crystal Diaphragm Coaxial double dynamic driver.

>High-Performance Balanced Armature driver.

>3D-Printed Stereoscopic Faceplates With Beautiful Hand-painted Design.

>Lightweight & Ergonomic ear cavities.

>Comfortable Wearing Experience.

>Detailed & Punchy sound performance.

>High-purity stock cable.

>Interchangeable termination plugs.

Technical Specifications:-

>Impedance: 20Ω.

>Sensitivity: 107dB±2dB.

>Rated Power: 3mW.

>Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-50kHz.

>THD+N: <2%(1kHz, 100dB SPL).

>Connectors: 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

Kinera URD-2

Meet The Goddess Of Past:-

Kinera URD belongs to the “Destiny” series of in-ear monitors by Kinera. It is the third addition to this series, right after the Norn and Skuld. Like most of the other IEMs by Kinera, the URD also brings design and tuning concepts from Norse Mythology. Following the Norse stories, URD is the eldest sister among the sisters of fate(known as Norn). She is said to be the incharge of the past and has a well right under the world tree known as the Well of URD. Kinera’s lead engineer and designers have taken a deep inspiration from the URD, designing the pair with a warming, smooth sound, and stunning looks.

Exquisitely Rich Sound Performance WIth Five-Driver hybrid Configuration:-

In recent times, Kinera has gained expertise in tuning and designing multi-driver tribrid configurations for premium in-ear monitors. Just take a look at the reviews for Kinera Norn and Baldr, and you will understand what we are saying here. The latest Kinera URD features a five-driver configuration on each side. It has two highly-resolving EST drivers, a titanium-crystal diaphragm coaxial double dynamic driver, and a high-performance balanced armature driver. The URD takes you into new realms of high-resolution music with its excellent clarity instrument separation, not to mention the lovely vocals.

Kinera URD-3

Triple-Frequency Crossover:-

The five drivers are arranged in a three-way frequency crossover for unmatched performance. The titanium-crystal diaphragm dual dynamic driver produces a rich, impactful lower end that shows an excellent textured response. Kinera has adjusted a custom-tuned BA driver for an accurate midrange response. For the high-frequencies, Kinera has opted for dual highly resolving low-voltage EST drivers from Sonion.

Kinera’s First IEM With 3D-Stereoscopic Face Plates:-

Kinera has got a great rep in the industry for its exquisitely designed premium-looking hand-painted ear cavities for most of its products. With the URD, they have depicted the depths of the “Well of URD” using a precise 3D-printed stereoscopic technology. The lead designer has given a lot of thought to depicting the Well of URD with a beautiful color combination of Green and Blue both of which complement the simple white resin ear cavities.

Kinera URD-4

High-Purity Cable With interchangeable Termination Plugs:-

Kinera bundles a high-purity cable as a stock one with the latest URD. Kinera has always featured high-quality cables with its products. For the latest URD, they have featured a mixed cable consisting of 6N OCC Copper cores, Silver-plated OCC cores, and gold-plated OCC wire cores. This cable has got swappable termination plugs, with 4.4mm, 2.5mm, and 3.5mm plugs included in the package.

Kinera URD-5

Price & Availability:-

Kinera URD is launched officially for 650$, available with us worldwide. Shipments have already begun for the Kinera URD, order yours with us today!!

Shipping Policy:-

1) 【Express】 FREE shipping on $500+ worldwide, 

2) 【Premium】5-8 Days , FR/DE/UK/IT/ES/US, All tax and duties are prepaid by HiFiGo 

3) 【Priority】 1-2 weeks , All tax and duty are prepaid by HiFiGo. 

Europe 30 Countries, FREE shipping on $300+.

US/CA/JP/AU/KR/MY/TH/VN/SG/PH, FREE shipping on $100+.

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