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KBEar Qinglong: Brand New Dynamic Driver IEMs With PU+PEEK Dual-layered Diaphragm & Mirror-Finished Metallic Cavities

KBEar Qinglong: Brand New Dynamic Driver IEMs With PU+PEEK Dual-layered Diaphragm & Mirror-Finished Metallic Cavities

KBEar isn’t bound to any type of introduction among audiophiles. The brand is known for its catalog of in-ear monitors that deliver quality performance at an affordable price tag.s Today, KBEAR has released its latest pair of premium single dynamic driver IEMs, the all-new KBEar Qinglong. With a 10mm self-developed dynamic driver unit, KBEar Qinglong delivers impressive sound performance with rich and refined vocals. KBEar Qinglong is a treat to the eyes, the pair is crafted using a CNC machining process made using aviation-grade 7-series aluminum alloy material.

KBEAR Qinglong-1

KBEar Qinglong is launched officially for just 69$. Currently, the pair is available at an introductory price of 59$, Check out more information here.

KBEar has featured a 10mm custom dynamic driver on the Qinglong. After countless experiments and extensive research, KBEar has finalized a PU+PEEK dual-layered diaphragm from the Qinglong. KBEar has actually experimented with different diaphragm materials including DLC, LCP, Beryllium-plated, and more. But they settled on the PU+PEEK Dual-Layered diaphragm as they found it more suited to their desired sound response. With professional expertise, the tuning of the Qinglong has been adjusted to deliver quality sound with rich midrange and vocals. Pretty sure, the pair will keep you hooked on to it with its lovely vocals!! KBEar has featured a powerful NdFeB magnetic circuit and DAIKOKU Copper Voice Coil.

KBEAR Qinglong-2

KBEar Qinglong showcases the excellent craftsmanship of the brand. The pair is carved out of high-quality aviation-grade 7-series aluminum alloy material. The shells are then finished with a chrome finish using Chrome-Electroplated metal high-polish technology. KBEAR includes a high-purity 4N OFC(Oxygen-Free Copper) silver-plated stock Cable. It adopts standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors and a 3.5mm single-ended termination plug.

KBEAR Qinglong-3

According to the brand, the Qinglong delivers mesmerizing, lovely vocals with ultimate clarity throughout a wide frequency band. KBEAR Qinglong brings you a premium sound at a budget price of just 69$. Know more here.

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