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IKKO Launches OH10S: 10mm Titanium-Plated DD+Knowles 33518 BA Driver IEMs

IKKO Launches OH10S: 10mm Titanium-Plated DD+Knowles 33518 BA Driver IEMs

IKKO Audio is a well-recognized name in the audiophile industry. The brand is known for its excellent range of in-ear monitors with famous models such as OH10, OH1, OH1s, etc. IKKO has dropped its brand new dual-driver hybrid IEMs with the announcement of the all-new IKKO OH10S. The IKKO OH10S is a successor to the famous OH10 IEMs designed with a dual-driver configuration. The pair packs a 10mm titanium-coated dynamic driver perfectly aligned with Knowles’s premium 33518 high-performance balanced armature driver. IKKO OH10S has got exquisitely finished ear shells with PVD coated Copper Alloy cavities & Photochromic glass on the face covers. IKKO OH10S is a fantastically built pair of IEMs with pure and natural sound output!!


IKKO OH10S is launched officially for 286.15$, check out more details here.

Compared to the previous generation, IKKO has upgraded the dynamic driver unit here on the new OH10S. The pair now houses a large 10mm titanium-coated dynamic driver unit that produces refined lower-end with a stronger punch. IKKO has combined the dynamic driver with a high-performance Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver unit that provides brilliant quality resolution and clarity in the midrange and highs section. IKKO has designed both these drivers with an advanced high-precision crossover circuit. Utilizing thin film capacitors to enhance the sound output with a cleaner background.


IKKO has always crafted its IEMs with great design and build. The latest OH10S is no different here. The pair is designed with solid copper alloy shells that are PVD coated for a luxurious finish. The face covers have transparent photochromic glass which looks simple but changes into a blue-tinted sapphire-like feel in proper sunlight conditions. OH10S has got a high-purity stock cable with 0.78mm 2-pin connectors and a single-ended 3.5mm termination plug. The cable can be replaced easily since 0.78mm 2-pin connector cables are available easily. IKKO OH10S is introduced for 286.15$, you can refer more details over here.

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