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iBasso SR2 Semi-Open Back Headphone Released

iBasso SR2 Semi-Open Back Headphone Released

There are various brands in the China audio industry that offer great products with great value for money. iBasso is among the most active brands among them. There goes no month in a year where we don’t get new products from iBasso. Last month they released the godly iBasso DX220 Max DAP which is a class-leading product with all the latest technology fitted inside. The brand has various class-leading products from different price ranges, like the iBasso IT01S IEM, iBasso DX160 Android DAP, and many more. This time they have released a whole new semi-open back over-head headphone, the iBasso SR2. It is an upgrade to the iBasso SR1 semi-open back headphone. The iBasso SR2 is an enthusiast-grade high fidelity semi-open back headphone that provides HiFi sound quality. It utilizes silicone suspension drivers, Tesla magnetic flux circuits, and carbon fiber diaphragm technologies to provide an unmatched crisp sound experience. The pair is priced at 569$, check out more details here.

iBasso SR2-1

Technical Specs:-

>Impedance: 24 Ohms.

>Sensitivity: 108dB/mW.

>Frequency Response Range: 3Hz-40kHz.

>Gold-Plated 3.5mm Termination Plug.

>Rated Power: 50mW.

>Cable Length: 1.8Mtr.

High-Fidelity Output:-

iBasso SR2-2

The iBasso SR2 is a high-fidelity headphone capable of providing rich hi-fi quality crisp sound output. It utilizes the latest technologies to provide a stellar sonic experience. The pair provides a lifelike powerful sound output with good synergy and details. Users will be able to enjoy almost all kinds of music with the SR2 whether it be Rock, POP, Hip-Hop, or anything else.

Liquid Silicone Suspension:-

The flexible liquid silicone suspension provides an excellent dynamic and transient response. Compared to the traditional polyester suspensions, the liquid silicone provides a fuller, powerful lower end with precise positioning.

High Rigidity Carbon Fibre Circular Diaphragm:-

iBasso SR2-3

The iBasso SR2 features a high rigidity carbon fiber circular diaphragm unit. The pair provides wide extension ins the high frequencies and high-resolution sound output. Vocals will feel forward and upfront but won’t sound sharp or harsh even at louder volumes. The SR2 provides an organized sound output with brilliant layers of details and vocals.

Tesla Magnetic Circuit:-

The iBasso SR2 uses a powerful Tesla magnetic circuit, which provides great flux to drive the diaphragm easily. This makes the pair more sensitive and produces great details without any distortion and also provides great extensions at the lower and higher-end.

High-Quality Interchangeable Cable:-

The iBasso SR2 features a changeable cable with a 3.5mm termination plug. It is a very high-quality cable made with a copper-silver alloy that provides very low internal resistance to the audio signal. It ensures the audio signal is transmitted without any detail loss during the transmission.

iBasso SR2-4

The iBasso SR2 looks like a very powerful sounding pair of over-head headphones. They have low power requirements like impedance of just 24 Ohms and sensitivity of 108dB/mW, it can be powered easily with Hi-res players without any issue. It is priced at 569$, just a bit above the previous SR1 model, and improves over the technology behind it. You can check more details here.



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