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iBasso Launches AMP13 Module With 6th Gen Korg Nutube For DX300 and DX320

iBasso Launches AMP13 Module With 6th Gen Korg Nutube For DX300 and DX320

iBasso has just announced its latest amp module for the flagship DX300 and the DX320 digital audio players, presenting the all-new iBasso AMP13. Designed with the 6th gen Korg Nutube 6P1, the AMP13 packs a tube-like rich sound presentation in a portable form factor. With the KORG Nutube, the AMP13 operates exactly as a conventional triode vacuum tube amplifier, producing rich overtones that complement your music with their lushness. It completes the voltage amplification through the vacuum Nutubes, and then current amplification is provided by OPA1622 amplification chips. Combining these current and voltage amplification, the iBasso AMP13 packs a powerful performance. It is launched officially for 269$, you can check out more details here.

iBasso AMP13-1

The output signal in AMP13 passes through the first stage of Nutube vacuum tube amplification followed by secondary current amplification through OPAMP architecture and then controlled by the digital volume control. This precisely designed advanced audio circuit enables the AMP13 to maximize its performance providing a powerful 4.1Vrms of output.


Combined with the premium DACs in DX300 and DX320, the AMP13 brings a unique tube experience with a rich sound presentation to your portable scenes.

iBasso AMP13-2

iBasso has featured dual 3.5mm single-ended headphone output ports on the AMP13. Complemented by its low-noise tube output + current amplification, the AMP13 provides enough juice to power most IEMs and even some Headphones through its single-ended headphone ports. AMP13 takes full benefit of the independent power supply on the DX300 and DX320, it enables the AMP13 to work flawlessly and produce an interference-free clean sound performance. Everything about the AMP13 is related to delivering a clean and powerful performance with charming tube touch to the sound. Each AMP13 is crafted using an AP audio analyzer, and the audio circuitry is manually calibrated and matched by professional engineers for optimal performance by the AMP module. AMP13 brings an all-new experience with your DX300 and DX320, making them feel like a completely new device!!

iBasso AMP13-3

Be sure to upgrade your DX300 and DX320 to the latest firmware for smooth functionality of the AMP13 module. It is available to purchase with us at HiFiGo priced at 269$, check out more details here.

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