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iBasso DX260 High-End Portable Android Audio Player With Eight-Channel DAC Arrangement

iBasso DX260 High-End Portable Android Audio Player With Eight-Channel DAC Arrangement

iBasso enters 2024 with a new release. We are super excited about their latest Digital Audio Player in the famous “DX” series, introducing the all-new iBasso DX260. DX260 brings revolutionary performance with a whooping eight-DAC arrangement. It features iBasso’s self-developed second-generation FPGA-master 2.0 sound controller. It controls everything, right from the start where the DAC requests the audio signal from the SoC up till the end with digital clocks, DAC configuration, crystal oscillators, etc. iBasso DX260 breaks the performance barrier in its category bringing the best-in-class THD+N and Dynamic Range performance!! Are you excited to experience the richness that eight flagship DACs and properly implemented FPGA architecture bring to the table with the iBasso DX260?? Because we surely are!!

iBasso DX260-1

Get the iBasso DX260 for just 949$, you can order yours with us here.

At the very core of the DX260, we get an amazing setup. The main core chipset features eight high-end flagship DAC chips from Cirrus Logics(CS43198). iBasso has designed DX260 with the FPGA Master 2.0 Algorithm which controls the Data buffer, clock architecture, femtosecond crystal oscillators, DAC decoding, and further signal processing. The FPGA Master 2.0 is designed with proper implementation after a deep R&D, this architecture plays a major role in signal reproduction and maintains the signal integrity with full precision.

iBasso DX260-2

iBasso DX260 is a high-end product with class-leading sound characteristics. The player supports dual independent NDK Femtosecond crystal oscillators, FIR 2x/4x configurations, and a powerful amp section. All this is controlled by the FPGA Master 2.0 Sound Controller making the DX260 one of the cleanest Portable Audio Players in the market. It features dual operating systems including an open Android 11 OS and iBasso’s own Linux-based Mango OS for pure music player enthusiasts. With the help of a Snapdragon 660 SoC, 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal memory, the DX260 delivers impeccable performance with no lag whatsoever. It supports dual-band WiFi connectivity and high-res Two-Way Bluetooth connectivity, as the core features.

iBasso DX260-3

iBasso has featured dual headphone outputs featuring a 3.5mm single-ended and a 4.4mm balanced output port. They have shared line-out support as well with a different internal arrangement. We also have Coaxial SPDIF output support on the DX260 as well. With a strong amp section, the DX260 has a strong output thrust promising up to 1015mW per channel through the 4.4mm output. iBasso DX260 has a large 5.0” sharp IPS display screen with 1080x1920p resolution. iBasso has equipped the DX260 with a large 4400mAh battery. It promises an amazing battery life of up to 14 hours with a full charge. The DX260 also has a removable back cover that allows for easy battery replacement in the future.

iBasso DX260-4

iBasso DX260 is here to elevate the way you enjoy your favourite music. It promises class-leading performance with crystal-clear output, strong amplification, and amazing battery life. iBasso DX260 is launched officially in two stunning colour options priced at 949$, you can check out more details on our page here.

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