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iBasso DX160 Latest Firmware Released!!!!

iBasso DX160 Latest Firmware Released!!!!

With the iBasso DX160 2020 release, iBasso released the latest firmware for their powerful Android DAP. It is firmware version is V1.05.162. It adds a few improvements and is compatible with the previous generation of iBasso DX160. The iBasso DX160 is a powerful device with a powerful dual DAC setup from Cirrus Logics featuring dual CS43198 DAC chips. It provides a smooth user interface with a snappy octa-core ARM CPU and 2GB ram. It features Bluetooth 5.0 functionality with all the latest hi-res codecs support including LDAC, APTX and more. It has MQA decoding support and a 5.0” 1080P crisp HD display.

iBasso DX160-1

Changes and improvements with the V1.05.162:-

1. Added support for the JDI screen used on the 2020 version.

2. Rectified the bug that multi-channel DSD can't be played.

3. Improved the compatibility of the USB digital output.

4. Rectified the bug that when playing ISO, the album artwork isn't displayed.

5. Rectified the bug that after sorting settings are changed, the play order is incorrect.

6. Rectified the bug that when using folder play function, the Now playing music list would not be updated.

You can easily update your iBasso DX160 with the following method:-

>Download the firmware from the official website here.

>Copy and paste the downloaded file to the root directory of your microSD card or DX160 internal memory.

>Open Settings menu>System>Updater>Local Update.

>Navigate and click on the update file.

>Update will take up to 10 minutes. Reboot your device after the update completes. You can also reset your device to delete the cache from previous firmware.

This will help you to update your iBasso DX160 to the latest firmware.

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