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iBasso DC03 Latest USB Type-C DAC/AMP Announced

iBasso DC03 Latest USB Type-C DAC/AMP Announced

For portable usage, the USB DAC/AMPs are a blessing from god. One simply doesn’t have to carry another device with them all the time to enjoy high-quality music and not to mention high-quality DAPs are also quite heavy. The Type-C DAC/AMPs are usually small in size and improves the sound quality from our normal smartphones with big margins. There are various famous brands that make USB Type C DAC/AMPs, but it all got famous with the iBasso DC01. iBasso DC01 is a very successful DAC/AMP from the brand with a powerful AK4493 DAC chip and a 2.5mm balanced sound output. Later on, iBasso released the DC02 with a 3.5mm single-ended output. Now they have announced their latest USB Type-C DAC/AMP, the iBasso DC03. The latest DC03 is available to order from our online store at just 59.99$ which is pretty good and competitive with other brand’s products.

iBasso DC03-1

Features of iBasso DC03:-

>Dual CS43131 DAC chips.

>Ultra-low noise floor: <0.9µV.

>Output voltage: 2Vrms(300 Ohms), 1.61Vrms(32 Ohms).

>Output power: 80mW @ 32 Ohms.

>Signal to Noise ratio: 127dB.

>USB Type-C Interface.

>3.5mm Headphone Output.

MasterHIFI Dual DAC Setup:-

The iBasso DC03 is a brilliant performer equipped with a powerful dual DAC setup with two CS43131 DAC chips. It is a popular DAC from Cirrus Logic with MasterHIFI technology. The CS43131 is a powerful DAC that is also equipped in its widely known digital audio player the DX160. It can decode PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz, and DSD up to DSD256 natively.

Outstanding Performance:-

The DAC chips in DC03 are tuned with high-quality precision and professional level of tuning. The DAC/AMP has an ultra-low noise floor of <0.9µV with an ultra-low output impedance of just 0.12 Ohms. It produces a pitch dark music background free from any kind of noise and provides its users with an unmatched crisp sound output. The DAC/AMP provides a life-like natural sound clarity output with crisp vocals and a wide soundstage. It has an output power of 80mW @ 32 Ohms of load.

Custom Android Application For Precise Volume Control:-

Usually, smartphones use software algorithms to adjust volume with 10 to 12 levels. iBasso DC03 has an output power of up to 2Vrms that would make it really loud at even 1 volume level. To manage this they have made an application that supports UAC 2.0 volume adjustments that allow 64 levels of volume adjustment to adjust the volume more precisely and effortlessly.

USB Type-C Connector:-

The iBasso DC03 is a USB Type-C DAC/AMP that can be used with android smartphones and digital audio players with USB Type-C port. It can also be connected to a PC/Laptop with ease and provide high-quality sound output.

ibasso dc03-2

The iBasso DC03 is a premium product just like its predecessors DC01 and DC02. It offers brilliant sound quality output with dual CS43131 DAC chips. The DC03 is small, compact, and really easy to carry around without smartphones. At a price point of just 59.99$, it provides a brilliant option to get for portable use with smartphones and PC/Laptop. Check out more details here.

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