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iBasso Announced IT07 Hybrid Flagship IEM

iBasso Announces IT07 Hybrid Flagship IEM

iBasso has announced its latest pair of hybrid driver in-ear monitors, the iBasso IT07 with a powerful seven driver hybrid setup on each side. The iBasso IT07 is going to be the flagship offering from the brand. Actually, the "IT" series is a highly successful IEM series from iBasso featuring products like the iBasso IT00, iBasso IT01s, iBasso IT04, and more. All these IEMs have got amazing positive reviews from users around the globe. These pairs cover different price segments with IT00 being an entry-level offering from the brand at just 79$ and now the IT07 flagship model at 899.99$.

iBasso IT07-1

Meet The All-New iBasso IT07:-

The iBasso IT07 is the latest flagship pair of in-ear monitors housing a powerful seven driver hybrid setup on each side. It features a premium driver setup consisting of six Knowles BA driver units with a tesla moving coil DD driver unit in a four-way frequency division design. Professionals have worked on the IT07 project for over two years in order to produce a beautiful pair with a precise tuning to provide a natural and lively sound output. If you look at the pair, they look simply brilliant with their starry designed resin shells. The pair comes with a premium pure silver cable with a fully balanced 2.5mm termination port.


>Powerful seven driver hybrid setup each side(6BA+1DD).

>Reference-level high-resolution sound clarity.

>Premium looks with Resin ear shells.

>Patented acoustic structure.

>Fully balanced 2.5mm termination.

>Impedance: 16Ohm.

>Frequency range: 5Hz-40kHz.

>Sensitivity: 108dB/mW.

>THD+N: <1%.

>Noise isolation: -30dB.

>2.5mm-3.5mm connector included in the package.

Tesla Moving Coil DD Unit:-

The iBasso IT07 features Tesla moving coil dynamic driver unit. It has a high magnetic flux that makes the vibrating movement of the coil smooth and better, resulting in a powerful lower end with fast bass slams. It is very sensitive and responds to sensitivities as low as 5Hz ensuring a deep and extended lower end to complement your music.

 iBasso IT07-2

Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers:-

Along with the Tesla DD driver, the iBasso IT07 also features six BA drivers from Knowles. These drivers cover mid, high, and ultra-high frequencies with crisp clarity and high-resolution output. Knowles 30017 produces well-extended ultra-high frequencies, Knowles 31785 produces natural and detailed upper mids and high frequencies, and Knowles 30989 ensures you get beautiful mid frequencies.

Professional tuning for reference-grade output:-

iBasso has professional teams with years of experience in the audio industry. They have studied and tuned the latest IT07 with utmost perfection to provide a reference-grade sonic performance with crisp clarity and high-resolution output. The pair performs exceptionally well in different genres of music, making this the best choice for your next pair of earphones.

 iBasso IT07-3

Patented Acoustic Structure:-

The beautiful earpieces in the IT07 feature iBasso's patented acoustic tube structure. It is designed in such a manner to effectively reduce the sound distortion due to multiple driver units and produce an ultra-crisp sound output with a layered feeling.

Premium Ear Shells:-

iBasso products are usually well-designed, the IT07 is also not an exception. The beautiful earpieces have an artistic starry sky look to them with an ergonomic design. They sit comfortably into the ears providing a firm and comfortable fit for long music sessions.

iBasso IT07-4

Price & Availability:-

The latest iBasso IT07 is priced at 899.99$. It is available to order from our store here, shipments will begin mid-November according to the order number sequence.

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