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Hivi AW-83 ANC Announced!!!!

Hivi AW-83 ANC Headphones Announced!!!!

Hivi is a well-known name in the international audio market for its brilliant and premium quality speaker systems. Quite recently they have been launching there TWS of earbuds and Wireless Headphones, which have a rich feel to them and also lifelike sound tuning. They have recently announced there latest ANC Wireless Headphones the Hivi AW-83.

The Hivi AW-83 is an active noise cancellation enabled pair of wireless headphones which offers stupendous sound quality and a rich and premium build quality. The pair is available to order from our web store here.

Based on its elder brother the Hivi AW-85, the AW-83 offers similar build quality, Hi-Fi sound quality tuning, three active noise cancellation modes and many other features down its sleeves.

Some features are as follows:-

Dual-Channel Active Noise Cancellation:-

The Hivi AW-83 features a Dual-Channel active noise cancellation algorithm, it offers there different modes for noise cancellation, one is complete noise isolation, making you completely isolated from the outside noise and letting you enjoy your music in peace. The second mode is transparent mode, which enables your surrounding noise to peep in and makes you aware of the environmental noises, while the third mode is no noise isolation, where you hear everything around you mixed with the music. You can change these modes by the touch operation on the headphones.

According to Hivi, it uses a 4+1 microphone set up to collect your surrounding noise and then it uses Yamaha’s DSP engine to process and apply the noise cancellation according to the mode selected by the user.

Smart Infrared Light Sensor:-

There is a hidden smart infrared light sensor in the left earmuff of the headphone, which detects when you take off your headphones and pause the music when you do so, and when you wear it back it will start the music again, I feel like this is a very useful feature while you are listening to music at work.

40mm Driver Unit:-

The Hivi AW-83 features a 40mm driver unit, which provides its users a full-bodied sound output, There is a great punch and depth in the lower end, a lush and detailed mids section provides you a lifelike vocal quality you have never experienced before, and a smooth treble section offering you brilliant instrument details with no sibilance at all. The sound output is just fantastic with no harshness or peakiness even at louder volumes, plus all this is paired with rich ANC features, the detailing in your music is going to come alive with the Hivi AW-83.

The overall sound output of Hivi AW-83 is balanced making this suitable for watching movies and listening to any genre of music.

Smart Touch Operation:-

The Hivi AW-83 features smart touch operation on the right earmuff, which you can use to control your volume levels, change track’s, pick up disconnect calls, and change the ANC modes. The touch control is very easy to use and very innovative at the same time.

Hivi APP Connection:-

You can connect the Hivi AW-83 to the Hivi App on your smartphone and change its ANC modes, there are various usage modes available in the app which you can choose as per your preferences.

USB Charging:-

The Hivi AW-83 features a USB Type C charging port, so you can easily charge it anytime, anywhere with the help of USB cable included in the package.

The Hivi AW-83 is priced at around 200$ price and offers a lot of features, it really looks a promising one and since it's coming from Hivi which is already widely known for their brilliant quality in speaker systems, we are really excited for this, If you are too excited like we are, you can order a pair of Hivi AW-83 from our store here.

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