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HiFiGo Is Coming To The CanJam SoCal 2023: Prepare Yourself To Experience Exciting Products from 20+ Brands!!

HiFiGo Is Coming To The CanJam SoCal 2023: Prepare Yourself To Experience Exciting Products from 20+ Brands!!

Audiophiles are familiar with CanJam. CanJam is the world’s premier headphone audio show with annual events across the globe. We have annual events for Canjam in major cities including New York, Singapore, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Dallas, and more. It is a pilgrimage event for audiophiles who want to experience top-quality audio gear. This year we have the 8th edition of CanJam SoCal!! And we are super excited to announce that HiFiGo is also going to be there at the CanJam SoCal 2023. We will be bringing a full range of premium Hi-Res Audio products from top brands including AFUL, See Audio, DUNU, Hercules Audio, Tangzu, Effect Audio, etc. Join us at booth E3 and get a chance to audition some of the latest upcoming products from over 20 brands that we will be bringing with us. Are you excited??? Well, we are and we just can’t wait to meet you all at the CanJam SoCal 2023!!

We have partnered with over 20 brands including See Audio, Hercules Audio, Tangzu Audio, BQEYZ Audio, Binary Acoustics, AFUL, and many more. We are planning to not only bring the already launched models, but we will also new upcoming models such as the Binary x Gizaudio Chopin, AFUL Cantor 14, AFUL Single BA Prototype, etc. See you at Booth E3 at CanJam SoCal 2023!! Let’s have a look at what we will be bringing for you guys at the event!!

See Audio Neko 6BA Premium IEms:-

See Audio Neko is a recent launch from the brand that adopts a complete BA driver setup. Neko houses 6 high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side, It comes bundled with an Effect Audio Cadmus cable. We simply can’t wait for you to try the See Audio Neko and get lost in its excellent sound clarity and rich tonality. We assure you are going to love the amazing presentation of the Neko!!

See Audio x Z Review Rinko:-

Rinko came as a collaborative project between See Audio and Z Reviews. The pair features a unique dual-driver hybrid setup featuring one dynamic driver and one planar magnetic driver unit on each side. Rinko has a unique character for its sound, it delivers impressive bass alongside a clear midrange and smooth, detailed treble. See Audio x Z Review Rinko is a fantastic IEM, visit us and experience the See Audio Rinko for yourself!!

See Audio Hakuya Beta: Brand New Upcoming Flagship for See Audio!!

Let’s get the excitement trigger with the all-new upcoming IEM from the house of See Audio. At the CanJam SoCal 2023, experience See Audio’s upcoming flagship the HAKUYA Beta. This brilliant IEM houses a 10BA+4EST driver setup on each side. You can test the pair for yourself and hear its out-of-this-world sound only available at the CanJam SoCal 2023 for now!!

Extraordinary AFUL Audio Lineup:-

We are familiar with the brilliant AFUL Performer5 and Performer8 IEMs. Both the pairs got immense love from the community for their exceptional sound presentation. You get a chance to experience both the IEMs from AFUL at our booth at the CanJam SoCal 2023. We will also be bringing AFUL’s upcoming Cantor 14BA FLagship IEMs, and their latest single BA driver engineering sample as well. Make sure you drop by our booth and experience their entire lineup yourself!!

Experience the Elegance Of Premium Sound With Hercules Audio:-

Hercules Audio is a premium name with three launches so far. We are super excited to tell you that you can easily try all three of their products at the CanJam SoCal 2023!! We will be bringing the Hercules Audio Master flagship 16BA driver IEMs, the Hercules Audio Mega 1DD+6BA Hybrid IEMs, and also their Multi-BA IEM the Hercules Audio Mix. You can visit our Booth at the CanJam SoCal 2023 and experience the elegant design and the exquisite sound of these precious IEMs for yourself!!

Get A Taste of Royalness with Tangzu Audio:-

Tangzu Audio has developed some amazing IEMs featuring multi-driver arrangements and delivering quality sound performance. We are talking about the recently launched Tangzu FuDu Verse 1. And it just won’t be the FuDu Verse 1 from Tangzu, we are also going to bring their upcoming models such as the Tangzu Nezha, and the Tangzu Xuanwu Gate. The Tangzu Nezha promises rich and elegant sound with six BA drivers and 1 7mm PZTY driver on each side, and the Xuanwu Gate is going to be the first flagship for Tangzu with one 10mm dynamic driver, four BA drivers, and dual EST drivers per side. Get a chance to audition the Royal sound from the Tangzu upcoming models only available at our booth on the CanJam SoCal 2023!!

Listen To The Upcoming Binary Audio x Gizaudio Chopin IEMs:-

We are also going to bring you the brand new Binary x Gizaudio Chopin. This multi-driver hybrid IEM is going to be a collaborative project between Binary Acoustics and Gizaudio. The pair has been designed after a deep R&D along with simulated tuning suggestions provided by Timmy from Gizaudio. The pair is going to make its debut at the latest upcoming SoCal CanJam, visit our booth and listen to the Chopin for yourself and enjoy great quality music!!

Meet & Greet With Zeos:-

Zeos will be showcasing its 10th Anniversary special Cadmus 8W cable that Z Reviews has designed in collaboration with Effect Audio. This is a premium variant for the Cadmus 8W cable with an eye-catching new colour theme. Experience the elegant beauty of the Effect Audio x Z Review 10th Anniversary Edition IEM cable at the CanJam SoCal. Zeos will also be available there for a Fan Meetup from 2 PM to 4 PM on 30th September. Make sure you reach our Booth on time and discuss your experiences with Zeos himself!!

Exclusive BQEYZ Audio Products:-

BQEYZ is a brilliant brand that offers amazing IEMs at affordable prices. We will be bringing two of their brand new launches including the BQEYZ Winter Ultra and the BQEYZ Wind. Both these IEMs have a dual-driver hybrid setup featuring one dynamic driver unit alongside a BCD driver unit. In our opinion, both of these are worth experiencing because the BCD driver used in both IEMs has extraordinary performance with a rich tone and exceptional clarity. BQEYZ products have a great excitement to them and we assure you, you will definitely feel the excitement as well when you hear the Wind and the Winter Ultra. We will be bringing the BQEYZ Audio products alongside the other lineups so feel free to visit our Booth and experience these outstanding products for yourself!!

Ending Notes:-

With CanJam SoCal 2023 right around the corner, we understand your preparations have also been at their full speed. We are coming to the show with full excitement carrying some top-level quality products with us. This is just a shortlist of the products that we will be bringing, make sure you visit our store booth at the booth E3 and have a great time ahead. We are waiting eagerly to meet our Fans and let them experience quality Hi-Res products for themselves!!

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