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Hidizs Launches MS5 Brand New Five-Driver Hybrid IEMs With Swappable Tuning Nozzles

Hidizs Launches MS5 Brand New Five-Driver Hybrid IEMs With Swappable Tuning Nozzles

In the audiophile world, Hidizs is a brand known for its IEMs and Digital Audio Players. Hidizs caters to audiophiles with its excellent products that offer a crazy price-to-performance ratio. Today, Hidizs has introduced a brand new pair of multi-driver hybrid IEMs, the Hidizs MS5. It’s the flagship of the “MS” series and features five drivers on each side. Hidizs has featured their newly-developed liquid silicone dynamic driver unit and four high-performance Sonion BA drivers on each side. The pair also have three different tuning profiles with swappable tuning nozzles. Hidizs MS5 is an IEM that complements different genres of music with its different tuning profiles.

Hidizs MS5-1

Hidizs MS5 is launched officially for an attractive price of 399$, know more details here.

Promising high-resolution clarity and impressive resolution, Hidizs has equipped the latest MS5 with a five-driver hybrid configuration. On each side, you get a 10mm liquid silicone dynamic driver specially developed by Hidizs and four Sonion Balanced Armature Drivers. The Dynamic Driver is specially developed with a Kevlar material body and ultra-thin liquid silicone material. This combination of Kevlar and Liquid silicone gives the output the desired elasticity that benefits the output with an excellent transient response, low interference, and a natural output with reduced distortion. Hidizs has equipped four high-performance balanced armature drivers from SONION that complement the powerful performance produced by the dynamic driver. We have excellent resolution, we have a pair that is highly capable of delivering outstanding sound.

Hidizs MS5-2

Hidizs MS5 features upgraded Replaceable “Hidizs Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filters”, that allow for easy tuning adjustments with simple nozzle replacement. MS5 comes with three different tuning nozzles in the package. You get Enhanced Bass with a Red nozzle, a Balanced profile with Rose-Gold Nozzle, and an enhanced treble with black filters. One can easily get their desired output with simple tuning nozzle replacement. The solder joints inside the MS5 are done using Hidizs Exclusive compound material containing gold tin wire. It ensures stable signal transmission and also enhances the durability of the soldering connections.

Hidizs MS5-3

The cavities are another interesting part of MS5. Designed with great precision, they are made up of high-quality aluminum alloy material which is both light in weight and robust in build. The finish is done using a high-quality anodizing process giving the shells a smooth, textured finish. Hidizs has given them a human-like ear shape design that ensures a comfortable wearing experience. Hidizs MS5 comes with a high-purity mixed hybrid stock cable. It’s 6N single-crystal silver-plated copper wires and 6N single-crystal copper wires mixed together in an 8-strand configuration. The pair adopts 2-pin 0.78mm connectors and a 3.5mm single-ended termination plug.

Hidizs MS5-4

Hidizs MS5 is an interesting pair of IEMs launched officially for 399$, you can check out more details here.

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