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Hidizs DH80/DH80S Latest Portable USB DAC/AMP Released

Hidizs DH80/DH80S Latest Portable USB DAC/AMP Released

Just after the Chinese Lunar New Year, Hidizs has brought us two new latest products, actually, two new latest portable USB DAC/AMP’s called the Hidizs DH80 and the DH80S. Equipped with the latest generation ES9281C DAC chip from Sabre Technologies along with other premium components such as Panasonic capacitors, Dual Crystal Oscillators, and many more, the DH80/DH80S offers high-resolution audio signal decoding with full 8X MQA decoding. Both the devices are designed to work with Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC devices, so what are you waiting for take your high-quality audio experience to a whole new level with the DH80/DH80S. The Hidizs DH80/DH80S starts at 129$ and is available on pre-order from our store here. Shipments will begin from mid-march.

Hidizs DH80-1


>Premium ES9281C Pro DAC chip.

>Dual Crystal Osciallators.

>Dual Operational Amplifiers(OPAMPs).

>High-resolution Audio Signal Decoding(Supports DSD128).

>MQA Decoding Support.

>Independent Volume Control.

>RGB Sampling Rate Indicator.

>3-Level Gain Mode(Low, Medium, High).

>4.4mm Balanced/3.5mm Single-Ended Headphone Output.

>Magnetic Absorption Design.

>Built-In Independent Battery.

>Aluminium Alloy CNC Body.

The only difference between the DH80 and the DH80S is the L-Shaped aesthetics of the DH80. It is made specifically with precise dimensions to fit the AP80/AP80Pro properly.

Premium Audio Chipset For Premium Performance:-

Hidizs DH80-2

Hidizs has designed the DH80/DH80S for high-resolution quality performance. They are equipped with an advanced ESS9281C signal decoding chip that has premium features such as high dynamic range, low power consumption, ultra-low distortion, and much more. The DAC chip is paired with dual independent RT6863C OPAMPs supporting up to 4Vrms output power through the balanced 4.4mm output port. The audio chipset also features other premium components such as high-performance Panasonic Capacitors, Dual independent crystal oscillators, and more.

High-resolution Audio Signal Decoding:-

Both the Hidizs DH80/DH80S are capable of a high-resolution audio signal decoding with full up to 8X MQA decoding. Apart from MQA, They support PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz and DSD up to DSD128 natively.

Powerful Output With Independent Volume Control & 3-Level Gain Mode:-

Hidizs DH80-3

Both the Hidizs DH80/DH80S have independent volume controls with a 3-level gain switch. The volume knob provides 30-level volume control allowing for precise volume control. Both the DH80 and DH80S provide good compatibility with HiFi headphones with an output power of up to 210mW+210mW @ 32Ω through the balanced 4.4mm output port.

Solid Aluminium CNC Body With RGB Sampling Indicator:-

Hidizs DH80-4

Hidizs has made the DH80 and DH80S using high-quality Aluminium alloy material using a high-precision CNC machining process. They have a multi-color RGB sampling rate indicator that glows with different colors based on the file bitrate.

Magnetic Absorption Design:-

Hidizs has equipped the DH80/DH80S with a high-quality magnet that allows secure fix with a seamless connection with the connected devices(smartphones/Hi-res players).

Supports Multiple Platforms:-

Hidizs DH80-5

The Hidizs DH80/DH80S are compatible with different devices such as Android, iOS devices, or MAC and Windows systems. Please note that the lightning OTG cable to connect with iOS devices is not included in the package and has to be purchased separately.

Pricing & Availability:-

The Hidizs DH80/DH80S starts at 129$. They are available to pre-order from our store page here. Shipments will begin starting Mid-March.

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JOHN - May 30, 2023

What if any are the advantages of buying both units?

Corey - October 28, 2021

What is the difference between the HD80 and HD80s? That would be nice to know.

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