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Hidizs AP80 Pro, Smallest Hi-res Mini Music Player Comes with Dual DAC DSD256 | Hifigo

Hidizs AP80 Pro, Smallest Hi-res Mini Music Player Comes with Dual DAC DSD256 | Hifigo

Hidizs recently announced their updated new mini portable DAP – the Hidizs AP80 Pro Hi-Res music player. At the heart of the AP80 Pro’s audio section are two DACs on a dual DAC configuration. Check out more of its key specs, as well as pricing and expected availability below. 


DSD updated to 256 

Naturally, DSD is a standard these days, even at entry-level and the AP80 allows up to DSD128 which is already pretty high. Someone even can’t hear a difference from 128 to 256, but if you are critical at music, DSD 256 will be better. AP 80 pro features an SA3000 chip for DSD decoding and has a powerful professional audio format decoding capability. It increases the DSD to 256 on AP80 pro. It is good news for us with the entry-level music player. 

Smallest Hi-res Mini Music Player 

AP 80 pro become the smallest now during a range of branded mini portable music players. With size only 35mm*40mm*13.5mm, AP80 Pro is smaller than Shanling M0, Fiio M5 and Sony NW-A40.

Updated to Dual DACs

While most mini portable music players are featuring only one DAC to save size and cost, AP80 pro update the former single DAC ES9218P to Dual ES9218P chips to provide an outstanding Hi-Res audio performance and a perfect sound balance.

Designed For Ease of Use

The AP80 Pro adopts Samsung’s 2.45 inch 480x360 IPS HD touch display. It is compact and portable and easy to use with just one hand. With its Japanese ALPS Alphine wheel knob, you have everything you need in the palm of your hand.

Supports LDAC, APT-X and Two-way Bluetooth

The Bluetooth APT-X lossless transmission protocol has advantages of low delay, low bit error rate, and high sound quality when transmitting audio signals. The AP80 Pro also supports two-way Bluetooth 4.0 transmission. Which can be used as a Bluetooth audio source or as a professional Bluetooth decoding amplifier.


Comparison: Hidizs AP80 pro/AP80/Shanling Mo/Sony NW-A40. 

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