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Hidizs Announces AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Limited Edition Collectible Digital Audio Player

Hidizs Announces AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Limited Edition Collectible Digital Audio Player

Hidizs AP80 series of digital audio players need no introduction among audio lovers. The series has got plenty of products including the AP80, the AP80 Pro, and the recently launched AP80 Pro-X. Hidizs has a habit of releasing limited edition runs for its products, today they announce a brand new limited edition for the new AP80 Pro-X, presenting you all the brand new Hidizs AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition. It’s our amazing AP80 Pro-X but in an all-new avatar, an all-new Red-Copper material chassis!!

Hidizs AP80 Pro-X Red Copper-1

Currently, the latest Hidizs AP80 Pro-X Red Copper edition is available on pre-order at a discounted price of 249$, the retail price is set at 269$. Only 499 units of AP80 Pro-X Red copper are made available worldwide. Be sure to grab one before it runs out of stock!!

AP80 Pro-X Red Copper looks like a boutique product with its elegant looks. The outer chassis of the player is made up of high-purity Red-Copper material. It has 99.9% pure copper content. The shell is made using a high-precision five-axis CNC machining process for a rich and premium finish. After the metal wire drawing and polishing process, the original X-shaped design comes out to be stylish and elegant. It has a silky soft texture and a rich in-hand feeling.

Hidizs AP80 Pro-X Red Copper-2

Hidizs has equipped the latest AP80 Pro-X Red Copper edition with two new-generation ES9219C decoding chips from ESS Sabre Technologies. They help the player achieve a pure high-resolution audio experience with ultra-low distortion and excellent dynamics. Red Copper is said to have good thermal and electrical conductivity, which brings improved sound processing and output.

Hidizs AP80 Pro-X Red Copper-3

Red Copper is also known as oxygen-containing copper. After continuous usage, the surface of the red copper material gradually oxidizes to brick red revealing an ancient, retro charm. That’s the beauty of this limited edition AP80 Pro-X Red Copper. It’s a true collectible and limited edition product that every collector should have in their collection!! The AP80 Pro-X Red Copper edition has a limited 499 units run, once gone, it’s gone forever. So grab the beauty before it’s gone, and pre-order yours today from here!!

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