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HiBy Zeta: Brand-New Flagship Tribrid IEMs with Nine-Drivers & Five-Way Frequency Crossover!!

HiBy Zeta: Brand-New Flagship Tribrid IEMs with Nine-Drivers & Five-Way Frequency Crossover!!

Introducing the all-new Zeta, a multi-driver tribrid flagship pair of in-ear monitors from the house of HiBy. HiBy as we all know is a well-reputed brand of HiFi audio products. They have a huge catalog of offerings ranging from budget in-ear monitors to flagship-grade digital audio players. They have got years of experience in designing premium audio products that are widely loved by audiophiles from all around the globe. The latest Zeta is their brand-new flagship offering equipped with a nine-driver tribrid setup consisting of a combination of a dynamic, balanced armature, and electrostatic drivers!! Explore an all-new realm of high-resolution music with the power of HiBy Zeta!!

HiBy Zeta-1

HiBy has priced the Zeta at 1299.99$, it’s a flagship-grade product with an attractive price tag considering its features. Check out more details here.

Zeta brings us exceptional sound characteristics with its unique multi-driver tribrid driver configuration. It features a 10mm liquid silicone surround dynamic driver unit paired with four high-performance balanced armature drivers from Knowles and Sonion and four highly-resolving 3rd-generation electrostatic drivers from Sonion. The dynamic driver here adopts a high-quality kevlar fiber material composite diaphragm. It has 6 times the tensile strength with an ultra-thin design. The drivers are arranged together in a specially designed five-way frequency crossover. This includes five-independent acoustic tubes for physical crossover and precise electronic five-way crossover that has helped the brand to define the role of different drivers in five-different frequency regions (sub-bass, low-mid, mid-high, highs, ultra-high). With the help of this professional crossover design, HiBy Zeta performs like a single unit delivering highly coherent sound with a rich, natural tone and ultimate definition.

HiBy Zeta-2

Zeta is a very well-made pair. It has been crafted using a high-precision CNC machining process made with premium titanium alloy material. The pair looks exquisite and unique with a rich, nicely textured finish. It looks simply brilliant and has superb build quality. HiBy has crafted the pair after a deep study over huge data of ear mold samples, this analysis has helped them design a universal-fitting comfortable pair in the form of Zeta. It sits comfortably into your ear and will provide a firm, comfortable relaxing listening experience. Through fine calculations and numerous tests, HiBy has designed the perfect aerodynamic structure to improve driver efficiency and further enhance sound performance. This specially developed spatial harmonic enhancement structure also helps in balancing the pressure of each acoustic chamber and achieving the correct acoustic impedance for each set of drivers.

HiBy Zeta-3

Zeta comes bundled with a high-purity 8-core Litz braided OCC copper high-purity stock cable. This cable effectively improves the sound output with low-internal resistance, truly balanced 4.4mm termination, and 2-pin 0.78mm connectors. HiBy Zeta is an ultimate flagship-grade product designed for exceptional audio enjoyment. HiBy has priced the pair quite attractively at 1299.99$. You can check out more details here.

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