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HiBy RS2: Seek Splendid Sound With This New Darwin Based R2R Digital Audio Player

HiBy RS2: Seek Splendid Sound With This New Darwin Based R2R Digital Audio Player

Last year, HiBy released the revolutionary RS6 digital audio player. The player laid the foundation of premium R2R-based Darwin Architecture for portable digital audio players for the brand. Bringing the legacy set by the RS6 forward, HiBy has released the latest RS2 portable digital audio player. With HiBy’s in-house developed Darwin audio architecture, RS2 brings the goodness of R2R DACs with modern functions like adjustable FIR filter, Harmonic controller, NOS/OS Switch, etc. It is a pure audio player with the HiBy OS PureAudio version. There is no Android, just pure musical pleasure awaits you with the latest RS2. HiBy has designed the RS2 with a compact form factor, packing a complete R2R array in a retro design. The player comes loaded with a specially tailored pure OS for a simplified user interface and menu structure. 

HiBy RS2-2

Based on the same Darwin Audio Architecture, the latest RS2 brings the R2R Resistor Ladder Network DAC Array to a more pocket-friendly segment. It is launched officially for 479$, Currently available on pre-order.

Darwin Architecture is HiBy’s in-house developed high-resolution audio signal processing technology that brings retro R2R technology with advanced modern features. It effectively reduces the distortion caused by the resistor mismatch in an R2R ladder array producing a clean and natural output. RS2 also features OS(OverSampling) mode and NOS(Non-OverSampling) mode bringing a personalized experience for the users with different IEMs and Headphones. The Darwin architecture here houses a 256-tap adjustable FIR filter. It is capable of up to 16x oversampling with a variety of AA filters like Phase linearity, High-Fidelity, etc.

HiBy RS2-3

HiBy has featured an FPGA clock system with precise dual crystal oscillators on the RS2. The RS2 uses 45.158mHz/49.152mHz clocks to reduce phase noise and jitter. The player comes with a high-current mode amplification circuit with an OPA1652 and an LPF circuit with dual OPA1612 chips. RS2 packs a powerful performance with clean noise-free output. As for headphone outputs, the RS2 comes with a single-ended 3.5mm and balanced 4.4mm headphone output ports. 

HiBy RS2-4

HiBy RS2 supports high-resolution PCM, and DSD signals. It supports PCM signals up to 32-Bit/384kHz and native DSD256 decoding. RS2 also supports 8x MQA unfolding offering great performance in the palm of your hands. It can also work as a USB DAC with your system. RS2 also supports line-out/coaxial outputs. HiBy has designed the RS2 with dual memory card slots each supporting up to 2TB of microSD cards.

HiBy RS2 has got a large 3500mAh battery. It provides continuous music playback for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Standby time is up to 40 days.

 HiBy RS2-5

HiBy RS2 brings the amazing Darwin R2R technology to your pockets in a small and versatile form factor. It’s quite a promising device that packs a musical, lively sound signature for its users. The RS2 is available on pre-order now, you can check out more information here.

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