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HiBy R6 2020 & R8 Latest Firmware Released

HiBy R6 2020 & R8 Latest Firmware Released

HiBy has officially released the latest firmware for its latest R6 2020 and R8 Digital audio players. It updates the official HiBy Music App to the 1.6.6 version. This update adds the much-awaited USB passthrough mode on both the players that enables passthrough MQA output for Tidal, Plugins support in audio settings. Also, the LED now glows with appropriated color for the current active bitrate over a USB connection. This update also brings “Double Tap To Wake” functionality in both the devices with an on-off toggle. There are also various silent bug fixes with the upgrade to make the experience better for its users.

HiBy R6 2020 Firmware Update

Change-Log With the latest firmware:-

>Updates HiBy Music App to 1.6.6 latest version.

>Adds USB Passthrough mode supporting MQA output for Tidal, multiple plugins in audio settings, and LED display of active sample bitrate.

>Adds “Double Tap To Wake” function with an on-off toggle switch.

>Various bug fixes.

How to update to the latest firmware:-

Simply pull down the app drawer while connected to the internet over a WiFi connection and choose Wireless Update. Make sure your device has 80%+ battery, it will search for the latest firmware. Once found, it will notify you to download 1.19 firmware. Click on ok and the download will begin. Once the download completes it will begin the installation.

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