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Hiby R3 pro Music Player Coming With Dual DAC | Hifigo

Hiby R3 pro Music Player Coming With Dual DAC | Hifigo

Many audiophiles are already familiar with the mini portable music player Hiby R3. And they’ve certainly been selling like hotcakes. Well…Hiby has just released an upgraded model, the R3 Pro. And if you’ve been thinking about investing in the Mini portable music players,  but have yet to pull the trigger, consider yourself lucky. You have many new launching ones to check. eg, Hidiz AP80 and AP80 Pro, Hiby R3 and R3 pro, 

What upgrades can you expect on Hiby R3 pro?

Hiby Releases The R3 Pro

Upgraded DAC Chips

The ES9028Q2M  DAC chips on the original R3 have been upgraded to dual CS43143 DACs. The upgrade promises improved signal to noise ratio and reduced distortion.

hiby R3 pro music player 2

Increased Battery Life

Hiby hasn't also boosted its battery capacity, it is still 1600mAh.  But the original R3 offers about 10 hours playback while R3 pro could offer about 20 hours through the 3.5mm connection and about 16 hours using a balanced connection according to Hiby announcement officially. I think so many improvements may due to the upgraded chips of DAC and BlueTooth. 

hiby R3 pro music player 3

We are looking forward to more details about improvements and will update it here soon.

Price and availability of Hiby R3 pro

The R3 Pro will retail more than US$200, and you could order this baby for the best price since Mid of October. 

Hidizs AP80 Pro, Smallest Hi-res Mini Music Player Comes with Dual DAC DSD256 | Hifigo

 hiby R3 pro music player 4

hiby R3 pro music player 5

hiby R3 pro music player 7

hiby R3 pro music player 8

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