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HiBy Music Intoruduces "RS8": Highly-Awaited Flagship Android Music Player With R2R Darwin Architecture Technology

HiBy Music Intoruduces "RS8": Highly-Awaited Flagship Android Music Player With R2R Darwin Architecture Technology

HiBy Music is a widely known name today among audiophiles. What started as a music player application a few years back has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of portable HiFi gear. Over the years, HiBy has specialized in portable USB DAC/AMPs, IEMs, and even digital audio players. They actually have quite an attractive collection of digital audio players ranging from entry-level to top-tier flagship price segments. Today, HiBy has released its latest flagship Android digital audio player, the HiBy RS8. Based on an upgraded version of their exclusive Darwin Audio Architecture, the RS8 captures the minutest of the details in your music and presents it with excellent clarity. It’s an R2R Based Android Audio Player that is equipped with top-of-the-line hardware for the best performance. It’s a player designed especially for serious audio enthusiasts who aim to get the best performance with their portable music players!!

HiBy RS8-1

HiBy RS8 is launched officially for 3,299$, refer here for more information and details.

Earlier with the RS6 and the RS2, HiBy featured their exclusive Darwin Architecture Technology. It brought together the classic R2R-based resistor array DAC with advanced features such as Ladder Array Linear Compensation, NOS/OS Easy Switching 256-TAP FIR Filters, Different Darwin Filters, and many more configurable settings that brought countless possibilities for the listeners and the IEM brands as well. They have updated that Darwin Architecture with the all-new Darwin II Audio Architecture for the latest flagship RS8. This time it’s more flexible and offers easy adjustments for the listeners. RS8 features a specially designed R2R Resistor Array DAC system which consists of 12 high-speed switches and 184 high-precision resistors. These are almost double than of the previous generation effectively increasing the dynamic performance and fidelity at low signal levels. This new R2R Ladder Array and Darwin II Audio Architecture ensures the listeners get an organic, transparent sound performance with ultimate resolution and clarity.

HiBy RS8-2

RS8 is designed with pure Titanium material chassis. It has been carved using high-precision CNC machining processes and then later hand-polished for a smooth and neat textured finish. Titanium is a rare and premium material, and HiBy has carefully chosen it for its latest flagship. They have designed the RS8 with top-quality premium components. This includes Dual independent crystal oscillators for a low-jitter clock, premium ELNA and Panasonic capacitors for ultimate performance, Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 665 CPU for a lag-free user interface, etc. It supports easy high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM, native DSD512, and 16x full MQA decoding capabilities. HiBy has featured class A amplification mode with 3.5mm+4.4mm Line-out and headphone output ports. RS8 also features a special Turbo mood for extra power delivery. It provides a powerful output that can easily drive most full-sized headphones with ease. RS8 features a large 12000mAh battery pack that can provide up to 12 hours of continuous music playback.

HiBy RS8-3

HiBy RS8 is a true flagship digital audio player that comes loaded with Android 12 OS. With systemwide Android Bypass, Users will be able to enjoy high-resolution music over a huge range of Android applications. It comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM. Other features include high-resolution Bluetooth connectivity, a large 5.” Full HD Display, etc. HiBy RS8 is currently available on pre-order with a price tag of 3,299$. Shipments will begin starting 15th November.

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