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HiBy Digital Launches M300 Android 13 Music Player & XOE 8mm DLC DD IEMs

HiBy Digital Launches M300 Android 13 Music Player & XOE 8mm DLC DD IEMs

HiBy also known as HiBy Music has come up with a new sub-brand recently, the HiBy Digital. This new brand will be focused primarily on pocket-frienly portable audio solutions offering quality products including portable music players, in-ear monitors, etc. HiBy Digital has entered into the market with two first-day launches, the M300 portable Android music player, and the XOE IEMs with 8mm DLC DD and built-in Sabre DAC chipset. We are super excited to launch both products on our website, let’s get to know both of these better,

HiBy Digital M300: First Android 13 Hi-Res Player With Built-in Dual-Speakers!!

What does the latest M300 do differently to the other devices available in the market?? Well, for starters, the HiBy Digital M300 is the only Hi-Res audio player in the market with a built-in loudspeaker. Yes, you read it right, The HiBy Digital M300 features a speaker that provides output when no earphone is connected. It is a portable Android player with the latest Android 13 OS, It works like a smartphone where you can install any media application whether it be for watching movies, listening to music, or just surfing the internet. Its ultra-compact form factor makes the M300 the perfect choice for an easy carry-on-the-go. HiBy Digital M300 is launched officially for 199.99$, you can order yours here.

HiBy M300-1

HiBy has made sure that your experience with the M300 goes buttery smooth. For this, they have equipped the player with a Snapdragon 665 SoC and 3GB RAM. It houses a premium CS43131 DAC chipset that provides an excellently smooth sound signal decoding with a good level of detail. The device features a 4” display screen with a CNC-machined aluminium alloy chassis. We have a premium and exquisite finish with glass panels at the front and back of the device. As for sound output, we have a standard 3.5mm headphone output with a maximum output power of 103mW.

HiBy M300 has everything you would expect from an Android device, a crisp display screen, fast SoC, smooth UI, and an amazing battery life as well. Packing a 2000mAh battery, the M300 has a rated battery life of up to 29 hours. It has wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity as well providing you with easy wireless music/media enjoyment on the go. We also have a customizable Fn key on the device as well as voice recording function as well.

HiBy M300-2

HiBy M300 is something special, it is something that is built for everyday carry. It’s the compact form factor and exquisite design that helps you enjoy your music with style. HiBy has launched the M300 in Three eye-catching color options priced at $199.99. You can check out more details here.

HiBy Digital XOE: Premium Sound In Compact Design!!

The second launch product from HiBy Digital is this stunning set of IEMs called, HiBy Digital XOE. This beautiful IEM houses an 8mm dual-magnetic dynamic driver unit with a DLC diaphragm. It promises a true high-fidelity sound output with quality details and low-distortion performance. HiBy Digital XOE is available in Type-C and 3.5mm termination options, with Type-C packing ESS Sabre DAC chipset for high-resolution sound signal decoding. HiBy XOE is something that you can use to enjoy your favourite media on the go and experience the taste of HiFi sound at a pocket-friendly price. It is launched at an amazing price of just $29, get yours here.

HiBy Digital XOE-1

HiBy has designed the XOE with an 8mm dynamic driver unit. This compact driver features a high-power dual-magnetic circuit and high-quality DLC material diaphragm. The dual-magnetic circuit here adopts high-power Neodymium magnets producing strong magnetic flux ensuring efficient performance with low distortion. This compact dynamic driver unit promises a true high-fidelity sound experience with amazing clarity, strong bass response, and a professionally adjusted tuning that complements different genres well.

The Type-C variant here houses the ES9270C high-grade ESS Sabre decoding chipset. It supports exclusive USB mode with native DSD128 signal and 32-bit/384kHz PCM sound signal decoding. Enjoy a truly high-resolution sound experience with the XOE without breaking the bank at all. Both the 3.5mm and Type-C terminated variants feature in-line three-button media control keys and a MEMS omnidirectional microphone.

HiBy Digital XOE-2

HiBy DIgital has designed the XOE with a specially crafted lightweight shell design. The pair features proper airflow control with a semi-open back design that introduces smooth airflow and manages the air pressure build-up inside the cavity structure. It maintains quality sound with high efficiency with the XOE. The pair is light in weight, each shell weighs just 2.4 grams. HiBy XOE features a non-detachable cable which is made up of high-quality silver-plated OFC cable for best performance characteristics.

HiBy Digital XOE is a great companion for the M300, both products complement each other and provide quality sound on their own as well. The HiBy Digital XOE is an amazing set of IEMs that promise quality sound at an attractive $29 price point!!

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