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HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite Premium Over-Ear Headphones with Wooden Earcups & 50mm Large Dynamic Drivers

HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite Premium Over-Ear Headphones with Wooden Earcups & 50mm Large Dynamic Drivers

Following the success of multiple sets of full-sized headphones, HarmonicDyne is a familiar name in the audiophile community now. The brand has been associated with multiple successful models of full-sized over-ear headphones with a premium wooden finish. Over the years, HarmonicDyne has launched several headphones such as the Helios, Zeus, Poseidon, etc. Today, we are proudly launching a brand new pair of headphones from the brand, introducing the all-new HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite. As you might guess, the Zeus Elite comes as a flagship-level headphone from HarmonicDyne, it is an upgraded variant for the widely-acclaimed HarmonicDyne Zeus Headphones. HarmonicDyne has designed the new Zeus Elite with a newly-developed large-sized 50mm dynamic driver unit for impeccable sound reproduction. We get a rich, natural sound with lively, energetic response, and natural timbre. Prepare to experience your favorite music with the rich sound of the all-new HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite.

HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite-1

HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite is introduced for $379. You can check out more information about the Zeus Elite over here.

At the very core of the HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite, we have a newly-developed 50mm dynamic driver unit. This driver unit is responsible for the crisp and detailed sound reproduction of the pair. It benefits from a custom long-stroke layered diaphragm with a bio-membrane composite diaphragm. This ultra-lightweight and rigid diaphragm ensures crisp performance with the pair. The Zeus Elite features a specially imported CCAW premium voice coil from Japan that promises faster response delivering strong lower-end slams, amazing midrange clarity, and a nicely-extended treble section. HarmonicDyne has equipped the headphones with top-quality components to ensure a premium experience for the users.

HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite-2

Just like the other headphones by HarmonicDyne, the new Zeus Elite features an exquisite finish. The pair is made up of high-quality Zebra Wood earcups and a metallic frame. It also adopts high-quality suede+leather material ear pads. The zebra wood earcups and the entire build of the Zeus Elite is excellent. The pair comes with two high-quality stock cables. This includes a 4.4mm balanced cable and a 4-pin XLR balanced cable.

HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite-3

HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite is a pure headphone that takes our music listening experience to an all-new level with the Zeus Elite, Available now for just 379$, check out more details here.

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