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HarmonicDyne Zeus Beryllium Diaphragm Open-Back Headphone Announced

HarmonicDyne Zeus Beryllium Diaphragm Open-Back Headphone Announced

HarmonicDyne is a relatively new name in the audio industry. Earlier this year they released their first pair of headphones, the HarmonicDyne Helios that grabbed a lot of positive reviews with its sturdy build and amazing sonic qualities. HarmonicDyne has now released its second pair of open-back headphones, the HarmonicDyne Zeus. It is an exquisite pair of headphones with a premium beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver unit, high-quality walnut wood ear cups, and soft nova-velvet ear pads. It offers all these premium features for just 350$, steal at this price if you ask us. Check out more details here.

HarmonicDyne Zeus-1


>Premium Beryllium Dynamic Driver Unit.

>Open-Back Architecture.

>High-Quality Walnut Wood Ear cups.

>Premium Nano-Velvet Ear pads.

>Ultimate High-Resolution Audio Performance.

>Comfortable Fit.

Technical Specifications:-

>Driver size: 50mm.

>Impedance: 64Ω.

>Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-40kHz.

>Sensitivity: 100dB.

>THD+N: ≤0.2%(1kHz, 254mW).

>High-quality OCC cable.

>Product Dimensions: 200mm*180mm*100mm.

>Product Weight: 380gms.

Beryllium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Units:-

HarmonicDyne has equipped the Zeus with large 50mm beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver units. Beryllium is a premium material that is now being used in creating the DD units. It offers the best combination of lightness and rigidity for the driver material as compared to the other metals. The sound signal travels through it efficiently producing an immersive sound experience for the users.

Impeccable Build Quality:-

HarmonicDyne Zeus-2

HarmonicDyne Zeus has outstanding looks with a superb build quality. It is made up of rich materials like the Walnut Wood on the ear cups and metal headband that provides a different look to the pair. The open-back cups have a designer metallic grill that takes the headphone’s aesthetic looks to a whole new level.

High-Resolution Sound Quality:-

HarmonicDyne has tuned the Zeus to provide an immersive sound experience to its user. It has a balanced tuning with natural tonality. The lower end leaves its impact with fast quick bass slams, both male and female vocals sound smooth and natural, instruments are well-detailed with no fatiguing or sibilance of any kind. Thanks to the custom beryllium diaphragm DD unit, the pair produces an ultra-wide frequency response range from 10Hz to 40kHz without any trouble.

Super-Soft Ear Pads:-

HarmonicDyne Zeus features high-quality super-soft nova-velvet ear pads. They are super lightweight and offer a very comfortable fit for its users. You can easily spend hours of high-quality music listening and hardly notice these on your ears.

Premium OCC Cable:-

HarmonicDyne has bundled the Zeus with a high-quality cable made with ultra-high purity copper wires. It enhances the sound quality output with rich lush vocals and an impactful lower end.

HarmonicDyne Zeus-3

Price & Availability:-

The HarmonicDyne Zeus is priced at 350$, you can order a unit for yourself from our store here. Shipments will begin shortly.


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