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HarmonicDyne Athena: Brand New 50mm Metal-Ceramic Composite Driver Over-Ear Headphones

HarmonicDyne Athena: Brand New 50mm Metal-Ceramic Composite Driver Over-Ear Headphones

HarmonicDyne has got a good reputation in the industry as one of the manufacturers of high-quality headphones that have impressive build, amazing sound, and attractive prices. Today, we are launching the latest from the brand, the HarmonicDyne Athena. Athena is a brand-new beautifully crafted dynamic driver headphone that houses a large 50mm dynamic driver unit on each side. The headphone adopts a new-generation 50mm metal-ceramic composite dynamic driver that benefits from ultra-fine imported voice coil and high-flux magnetic circuitry. HarmonicDyne Athena promises high-resolution clarity and an immersive sound that complements different genres of music well.

HarmonicDyne Athena-1

HarmonicDyne Athena is available for 179$, you can check out more information here.

The latest Athena comes equipped with a new-generation 50mm metal-ceramic composite dynamic driver unit. Different from what we regularly get from regular dynamic drivers is a metallic coating on an ultra-thin plastic diaphragm. But the Athena here houses a newly-developed 50mm unit that adopts metal-ceramic composite, a fully integrated amalgam of high-purity metallic alloys with ultra-dense ceramic carbon fiber materials. With professional tuning adjustments, HarmonicDyne has adjusted the pair with a studio-grade sound performance. The pair has a balanced sound profile with a hint of boost in the sub-bass region, this presents the sound in a natural form with an expansive soundstage. Athena is designed to complement different genres of music well.

HarmonicDyne Athena-2

The Athena features an ultra-thin voice coil and a powerful magnetic architecture. The high-power magnetic architecture here produces a powerful magnetic flux that enables swift movement of the diaphragm and results in a clean and precise performance with lower distortion in the output signal. HarmonicDyne has featured an air-venting system on the side of the ear cups. With this M-shaped air-venting design, the airflow is improved throughout the driver and results in a clear sound with lower distortion.

HarmonicDyne Athena-3

Athena promises a comfortable wearing experience with an ergonomic headband and soft suede material ear cups. The headband has a larger contact area and adopts a soft cushion that treats the users with a lightweight, comfortable wearing experience. The headphones come bundled with a high-quality coaxial OCC stock cable. The cable features dual 3.5mm jacks on the headphone side and a single-ended 3.5mm termination. HarmonicDyne Athena is an interesting pair of headphones. It’s well-built, houses a new-generation driver unit, promises quality sound, and offers a comfortable wearing experience. In our opinion, it checks all the boxes of an ideal headphone that being an affordable set. HarmonicDyne Athena is available for just 179$, check out more information here.

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