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Gustard X16 Fully Balanced Desktop DAC Announced

Gustard X16 Fully Balanced Desktop DAC Announced

Gustard, a premium desktop audio equipment manufacturing brand has announced its all-new fully balanced desktop DAC system, Gustard X16. It is equipped with a premium chipset providing the best sound quality experience to its users. Check out more details about the Gustard X16 here.

Gustard X16-1


>Dual ES9068AS DAC Chips.

>CPLD Digital Processing.

>OPA1612a I/V Circuit.

>MELF Resistors For LPF.

>Full MQA Decoding Support.

>XMOS XU216 USB Signal Receiver.

>PCM Decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz.

>Native DSD Decoding up to DSD512.

>USB, Optical, IIS, Coaxial, AES, Bluetooth Input Options.

>Unbalanced RCA Output, Fully Balanced XLR output.

>Full Bluetooth V5.0 Support.

>Supports LDAC Bluetooth Transmission.

>Six PCM Digital Filters.

>Two DSD Digital Filters.

>Fully Functional Remote Control.

High-Quality Performance:-

Housing premium chipsets, Gustard X16 provide high-resolution output with precise signal decoding. It features a premium Dual DAC chipset housing the latest ES9068AS DAC chips from Sabre Technologies. The ES9068AS is the latest audiophile-grade Digital Analogue Converter chip launched by Sabre Technologies in the USA. It is the world’s first DAC chip with a built-in MQA renderer. The chipset also features a high-performance I/V circuit using OPA1612a OPAmps, premium MELF resistors for the Low-pass filter, CPLD Digital signal processing, and Accusilicon femtosecond crystal oscillator clocks, ensuring the best sound decoding experience for the users.

Gustard X16-2

Full MQA Support:-

MQA(Master Quality Authenticated) is the latest technology where high-quality music data is packed into the empty areas of the file providing high-res quality in low file size. Normal DACs can decode these files, but with MQA enabled devices, they can be fully unfolded to deliver the original performance as they are meant to. The Gustard X16 features a Dual ES9068AS DAC chipset which is the world’s first DAC chipset with an in-built MQA renderer.

Bluetooth V5.0 Support:-

Housing a premium CSR8675 Bluetooth chip from Qualcomm the Gustard X16 provides unmatched Bluetooth performance with V5.0 connectivity. It features high-res Bluetooth transmission with Hi-res codecs including, LDAC, AptX, AptX HD, AptX LL, AAC, and more. LDAC enables transmission with over 24-Bit/96kHz bitrate.

Gustard X16-3

Latest-Generation USB Signal Receiver:-

The Gustard X16 is equipped with the latest XU216 USB signal receiver chip. It provides PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz, Native DSD decoding up to DSD512, and full MQA decoding up to 384kHz.

Linear Power Supply:-

Desktop systems need to have a good power supply otherwise, there can be distortion or electrical noise in the output signal. Gustard being an old player in the game knows this very well, they have equipped the X16 with a linear power supply for the best sound quality experience without any electrical disturbance.

Gustard X16-4

Price & Availability:-

The Gustard X16 has a price tag of 499.99$, it is available to order from our store. Check out more details here.

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