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Gustard H-16 Latest Desktop Amplifier Announced

Gustard H-16 Latest Desktop Amplifier Announced

Gustard is well-known audio equipment manufacturing brand based in China. They specialize in high-fidelity desktop audio systems. They are widely known for their Desktop DAC(Digital Analogue Converters) and Amplifier systems. They have professional teams with years of experience in the audio industry. Just a few days back they released their latest desktop DAC the X-16 housing two ES9068AS DAC chips, the world’s first DAC chipset with an in-built MQA renderer. Today, to pair with the X-16 DAC, Gustard has announced its latest desktop Amplifier system, the Gustard H-16. It is a powerful amplifier system that pairs well with your DAC systems and makes a perfect headphone setup at your home. It is priced at 359.99$, check out more details here.

 Gustard H-16-1


>Clean amplification with ultra-low distortion.

>Fully balanced architecture.

>Ultra-low output impedance.

>Fully balanced output featuring 4-Pin XLR, 3.5mm Bal, and 4.4mm Bal headphone out.

>Unbalanced 6.35mm headphone out.

>Humongous power for demanding headphones.

>Balanced XLR input.

>Unbalanced RCA input.

Technical Specifications:-

>Output Power: 3700mW @ 64Ω, 2268mW @ 150Ω, 1133mW @ 300Ω, 566mW @ 600Ω.

>6.35mm Unbalanced output impedance: 0.1Ω.

>Balanced port(4.4, 3.5, 4-pin XLR) output impedance: 0.2Ω.

>Frequency response range: 20Hz-80kHz.

>SNR(headphone output): >118dB.

>SNR(pre-amp output): 120dB.

>Channel crosstalk(headphone out): -118dB.

>Channel crosstalk(pre-amp out): -120dB.

>THD+N(headphone out): <0.0005%.

>THD+N(pre-amp out): <0.0004%.

Power Consumption:-

>Power supply: AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz.

>Power consumption: <20W.

>Dimensions: 220mm*50mm*170mm.

>Weight: 2.5kg.

Gustard H16-2

Perfect For Your Chain:-

Gustard H-16 can be the perfect amplifier in your audio chain. It has everything one needs in an amplifier, power, low-distortion, noise-free background, pre-amp features. So just pair this with your DAC systems and enjoy the best sound experience from your chain.


The Gustard H-16 is a powerhouse. It has got power ratings that can make any headphone shine with all their might. It has an output power rating of up to 3700mW @ 64Ω, even at 600Ω of load it has an output power of up to 566mW, more than enough for the most demanding headphones in the market.

Headphone Amplifier & Pre-Amplifier:-

The Gustard H-16 provides multiple output options to the users. It has four different headphones out ports, an unbalanced 6.35mm, and balanced 4-pin XLR, 3.5mm PRO, and 44mm Bal headphone ports on the front. It can also be used as a pre-amp for speaker systems using the unbalanced RCA and Balanced XLR ports on the back.

Gustard H16-3

Price & Availability:-

Gustard H-16 is priced at 359.99$, available to order from our store here. You can grab this awesome device in two different colors, black and silver. Shipments will begin next week.

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