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Gustard C18 10MHz High-Precision Digital Clock Available Now

Gustard C18 10MHz High-Precision Digital Clock Available Now

Gustard is a well-reputed desktop-grade HiFi audio equipment manufacturing brand. They have recently announced their top-of-the-line Audio Clock, The Gustard C18. It comes as the flagship model, as an upgrade to the highly appreciated Gustard C16 Audio Clock. A digital clock is required in a high-resolution audio chain as multiple devices need to be synced so all the devices are reading and playing back audio at the same rate. The clock device provides that timing information allowing the waveform to be reconstructed with utmost precision when Digital to Analogue conversion is done. Gustard C18 here is a top-of-the-line model with a price tag of 1599.99$, check out more details on our store here.

Gustard C18-1


>SC Cut OCXO Advanced Customized Isothermal Crystal Ultra-Low-Noise Jitter Clock.

>Independent Drive Output Module.

>Built-In Linear Power Supply.

>High-Performance Voltage Regulator.

>2-Channel Sine-Wave Output & 2-Channel Square Wave Output.

>Out Frequency: 10MHz.

>Frequency Accuracy: <±300ppb.

>Frequency Stability: < ±50ppb.

>Output Amplitude: 27dBm @ 50Rz.

>Output Waveform: Sine Wave, Square Wave.

>Output Impedance: 50 Ohms.

>Near-end Phase Noise @1HZ(TYP): -100dBc.

>Short Stability(Allen variance)(TYP): 8E-13.

>Voltage Supply: 115-230V AC 50/60Hz.

>Consumption: <15W.

>Dimensions: 220 x 170 x 50mm.

>Weight: 2.5Kg.

Ultra-Low Noise Oscillation Core:-

Gustard C18 Digital Clock is equipped with an ultra-low noise oscillation core. It allows for advanced signal generation, transmission, distribution, and driving. Whether it is a recording engineer, mixer, audio engineer, or audiophile they will experience tremendous improvements in their music enjoyment with the Gustard C18. The ultra-low noise oven-controlled crystal oscillator here is specially optimized for audio as the oscillation core. It brings drastic improvements to the sound performance of your audio chain.

Gustard C18-2

Independent Drive Output Module:-

Gustard C18 features the GDRV-P1 high-performance low-loss drive output module that not only maintains a low phase noise output but also outputs two separate signals of square wave and sine wave at the same time which is convenient for connecting two different chains.

Built-In Linear Power Supply:-

Gustard C18 features a specially designed linear power supply with an audio dedicated toroidal transformer that supplies proper power to each component on the audio motherboard resulting in improved performance with them.

Discrete Component Voltage Regulator:-

Premium discrete components are connected in series with the voltage stabilizing circuit. This provides multi-channel hierarchical voltage management allowing for small crosstalk between each other and clean power to each component.

Gustard C18-3

High-end clocks have always been an indispensable link in a HiFi audio chain greatly improving the sound output quality. Gustard C18 here is a top-class product providing ultimate performance in top-tier audio chains. Users can find out more about the C18 Digital Clock on our store here.

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