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Gustard Announces R26 Flagship Fully Discrete R-2R Desktop DAC

Gustard Announces R26 Flagship Fully Discrete R-2R Desktop DAC

Gustard has entered into the Discrete R2R game with its latest R26, a high-end Discrete R2R Desktop DAC. Featuring a precisely designed R-2R resistor ladder array, the R26 packs a wonderful performance with native 1 Bit DAC architecture. It is equipped with the latest-gen XMOS XU216 USB receiver chip. R26 also acts as a streamer with uPnP and Roon services. Gustard representative states that they will add more services soon. As a brand, Gustard has got years of experience in designing high-end and mid-fi level high-resolution audio gears. They have a huge catalog of desktop decoders, headphone amplifiers, etc. R26 is going to be their latest flagship Desktop DAC with a fully discrete R-2R architecture. Gustard has priced the R26 attractively at 1649.99$, feel free to check out more details here.

Gustard R26-1

Gustard R26 has an R-2R resistor ladder array that covers the digital signal into analog with full clarity and precision. R2R tech has been here for a long time, compared to regular Sigma-Delta DACs (AKM, ESS, etc), R2R DACs are said to have a more analog and natural sound perception.


Gustard R26 promises the same natural sound performance paired with modern features. It has native 1 Bit DAC architecture, that decodes DSD512(USB) and DSD1024(IIS) signals natively. With the Gustard R26, bring home a true high-resolution audio decoder that delivers an impressively clean audio signal decoding performance.

Gustard R26-2

Gustard R26 supports some modern features such as streaming via UPnP and Roon, Wireless Bluetooth signal input, specially designed femtosecond crystal oscillator low-jitter clock, etc. The DAC also supports an external clock in through the K2 ultra-low noise clock synthesizer. This results in a clean performance, the DAC voice any interference from the input source. R26 supports high-resolution LDAC, AptX HD, and more wireless transmission codecs with Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity.

Gustard R26-3

For any component on a high-end audio chain, power management plays an important role in audio performance. A badly implemented power supply can interfere with the signal. Gustard has got years of expertise in designing high-end audio gears. They have equipped the latest R26 with two independent Toroidal power transformers. They provide clean power to both the Analog and Digital circuits on the board. R26 is a truly high-end R2R DAC designed for audio enthusiasts that don’t wanna compromise on sound performance. The DAC supports true high-resolution sound signal decoding with support for most latest formats. Be sure to check this amazing DAC out on our store page here.

Price: 1649.99$.

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