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Gizaudio x Binary Acoustics Chopin Available on Pre-Order Now!!

Gizaudio x Binary Acoustics Chopin Available on Pre-Order Now!!

Following the huge success of Galileo with Letshuoer, Gizaudio is back with another collaboration. This time, they have collaborated with Binary Acoustics, a new yet very experienced name in the industry for its latest pair of in-ear monitors, presenting the all-new Gizaudio x Binary Acoustics Chopin. Binary Acoustics was founded back in 2017. The brand has dedicated years to research and development in pursuit of creating products that deliver an immersive audio experience. They target to design high-quality sounding IEMs with compact form factors. They bring the perfect fusion of high-fidelity sound with great comfort. The latest Gizaudio x Binary Chopin is named after Frederic Chopin, a world-renowned composer who was known for his soulful musical pieces. The pair pays homage to the Legendary Composer with its excellent sound reproduction. It is designed with a four-driver hybrid configuration featuring a carefully chosen dynamic driver and three high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side. Are you excited to dive deeper into the realms of exciting music with Chopin??

Gizaudio x Binary Acoustics Chopin-2

Gizaudio x Binary Acoustics Chopin is launched today, it is available to pre-order with us at just 199.99$. Shipments will begin shortly, for pre-orders, the users will get a set of Divinus Velvet eartips free as a pre-order bonus!! It is also available on our AliExpress, Amazon US, and Amazon Japan stores.

Binary Acoustics has worked closely with Gizaudio to design the Chopin. The pair has been carefully crafted by Binary Acoustics and the tuning has been adjusted following the simulation suggested by Timmy from Gizaudio. It has been tuned to deliver an exciting sound with excellent clarity and a rich tone. It’s tuning has been adjusted to deliver correct, pure high-resolution audio that complements different genres of music well. Chopin provides a deep-diving lower-end response with accurate mid-range clarity and smooth, detailed treble response. Vocals, Instruments, everything sound simply amazing. The pair also has great technical performance providing excellent imaging and separation characteristics. You won’t notice any fatigue yet will be able to hear exciting details from your favourite music.

Gizaudio x Binary Acoustics Chopin-3

Binary Acoustics x Gizaudio Chopin features a four-driver hybrid configuration. The pair adopts an 8mm metal-ceramic diaphragm dynamic driver unit. This driver has been designed after countless simulations and adjustments. With optimized damping and properly matched front and rear cavities, the pair delivers a strong lower end with a quick and punchy bass response. The DD unit produces a deep bass response complementing the other frequencies well. One customized Balanced Armature driver lays the foundation of excellent midrange clarity on the Chopin. Vocals sound crispy and have ultimate level detail to them. There are two customized balanced armature drivers that provide silky smooth treble with exquisite details. This four-driver setup provides nothing but exceptional sound clarity and resolution. The three-frequency response is perfectly balanced and with the perfectly natural timbre, it presents the users with an enjoyable listening session.

Gizaudio × Binary Chopin-3

Binary Acoustics has treated the Chopin with comfortable and ergonomic shaped ear shells. The shells are crafted using high-precision 3D printing technology. They have metallic 316L stainless steel face covers attached to high-quality skin-friendly resin material cavities. The pair comes with a high-quality OFC, Oxygen-Free Copper silver-plated cable. It provides smooth signal transmission with low internal resistance to the sound signal. The pair adopts standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors. Users can choose between a 3.5mm single-ended or 4.4mm balanced termination plug at the time of purchase.

Gizaudio x Binary Acoustics Chopin-5

Gizaudio x Binary Acoustics Chopin is a solid-designed IEM with carefully adjusted tuning and exclusive build design. The pair delivers impressive sound with its premium driver configuration, and it also have a comfortable wearing experience as well. The Chopin goes on pre-order today, you can get yours for just 199.99$. For pre-orders, we will be sending a set of Divinus Velvet eartips as a pre-order bonus!! Book yours today!!

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