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Geek Wold GK20 7-Driver Hybrid IEMs 3BA+2DD+2PZT Drivers

Geek Wold GK20 7-Driver Hybrid IEMs 3BA+2DD+2PZT Drivers

Geek Wold is a new and emerging name in the high-fidelity audiophile industry. The brand has made a good name with a few releases mostly focused on budget-focused attractively-priced in-ear monitors. Their products are widely appreciated by consumers for their excellent price-to-performance ratio. Today, we are proudly launching their brand new multi-driver hybrid IEMs, the Geek Wold GK20. The Geek Wold GK20 packs a multi-driver hybrid setup featuring three high-performance balanced armature drivers, dual dynamic drivers, and dual Piezo-Electric drivers on each side. Geek Wold has fitted all these drivers in specially 3D-printed printed cavities for a comfortable listening experience!!

Geek Wold GK20-1

Geek Wold GK20 follows the brand’s policies to price their products attractively. Even with such a high driver config, the pair is priced attractively for just 99$. Check out more details here.

Geek Wold GK20 is a highly-equipped set. The pair boasts crazy performance with its seven-driver hybrid configuration. The driver setup here features three different types of drivers including three balanced armature drivers, dynamic drivers, and piezoelectric drivers. These drivers are arranged together in a 4-way frequency crossover which has been carefully adjusted to deliver an excellent sound reproduction. The pair has dual 8mm coaxial dual-cavity dynamic drivers featuring one LCP diaphragm DD and one composite titanium diaphragm DD unit. This dual dynamic composite design is here to deliver a strong and punchy lower-end response. It complements the midrange produced by a large-size full-frequency balanced armature driver along with dual composite Balanced armatures for high-frequences, and one composite Piezoelectric ceramic unit with dual 8mm PZT drivers for extremely high-frequency band. The 7-driver configuration has been carefully adjusted with this 4-way crossover for ultimate clarity and pure high-resolution sound reproduction on the GK20!!

Geek Wold GK20-2

GeekWold GK20 features an eye-catching look with comfortable ergonomic ear shells and colourful face covers. The shells are carefully designed using high-precision 3D printed processing. The 3D printed design structure has allowed the brand the develop a special cavity structure to cater to the seven-driver hybrid setup here. Geek Wold GK20 includes a high-purity oxygen-free copper silver-plated and single-crystal copper mixed hybrid cable. This cable has a balanced interface with 4.4mm termination and adopts 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

Geek Wold GK20-3

Geek Wold GK20 is an interesting pair of in-ear monitors. it is highly equipped with premium-quality drivers, and the tuning looks quite promising as well. The pair is launched officially for 99$, check out more details here.

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