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Four Updates with The Latest S.M.S.L Sanskrit 10th MK3 Desktop DAC Over The Sanskrit 10th MK2

Four Updates with The Latest S.M.S.L Sanskrit 10th MK3 Desktop DAC Over The Sanskrit 10th MK2

SMSL has just dropped its update to the classic Sanskrit Desktop DAC series with the release of the all-new Sanskrit 10th MK3. The 10th MK3 brings a breath of fresh air to the series with many new features. This includes a new DAC, a new USB processor, a new jitter clock architecture, and an optimized power filtering system. All these features greatly improve the performance of Sanskrit 10th MK3 and promises a true high-resolution audio experience at your desk.

SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK3-1

S.M.S.L has launched the latest Sanskrit 10th MK3 in Black and Grey color options. It is priced at 139.99$. Check out more information here.

The latest Sanskrit 10th MK3 features the latest-generation AK4493S DAC chip from AKM Technologies. It’s an upgraded version of the AK4493 that was present on the Sanskrit 10th MK2. It brings better decoding capabilities with cleaner and more dynamic output. SMSL has paired this new DAC with the latest 3rd generation XU316 USB processor from XMOS that enables it to support high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 signals over USB connections. Apart from USB input, the Sanskrit 10th MK3 also features Coaxial and Optical SPDIF inputs.

SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK3-2

SMSL has designed a new CK-03 clock architecture for the Sanskrit 10th MK3. It promises quality performance with ultra-low jitter during signal transmission. You are treated with high-quality sound performance with low delay and smooth presentation. Since the Sanskrit 10th MK3 can be powered easily by the connected source device(Through USB Input Only), SMSL has featured a high-performance power filtering system on the device. It ensures we get a clean performance free from any kind of noise introduced by the USB power.

SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK3-3

All-in-all SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK3 packs an amazing performance within itself. Its latest-generation AKM DAC delivers impressive performance while supporting high-resolution audio signals. It also has an in-built gravity acceleration sensor that automatically adjusts the display based on the orientation. For just 139.99$, bring home the Sanskrit 10th MK3 and create your dream desktop chain!!

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