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Four New Updates With xDuoo Link 2 Bal Max: Link 2 Bal vs Link 2 Bal Max!!

Four New Updates With xDuoo Link 2 Bal Max: Link 2 Bal vs Link 2 Bal Max!!

xDuoo has introduced an upgrade to the classic Link 2 Bal portable USB DAC/AMP, presenting you the all-new xDuoo Link 2 Bal Max. The name Max here is not only to show stronger output power, in fact, the new Link 2 Bal Max also has improved sound characteristics over the previous generation. It now has better SNR ratings, Lower THD ratings, improved crosstalk performance, and finally, stronger single-ended output performance. xDuoo Link 2 Bal Max is an extremely portable device that one can carry anywhere and enjoy true high-resolution sound straight out of their smartphone!!

xDuoo Link 2 Bal Max-1

xDuoo has brought all these improvements, but the price is still the same as the previous model, the new Link 2 Bal Max is launched at 149$ same as the predecessor model. You can check out more details here, it’s also available on our Amazon US, Amazon Japan, and Aliexpress stores. It is also available in a new Green color.

The primary upgrade that we get with the Link 2 Bal Max would be the improved output characteristics. With optimized audio circuitry, the Link 2 Bal Max achieves cleaner, clearer, richer sound with improved signal-to-noise ratio ratings. It achieves an SNR of 128 dB. The harmonic distortion is also much lowered at ≤0.001%. Crosstalk performance is also improved in the output signal. All these improvements have brought effective improvements in the output quality of xDuoo LInk 2 Bal Max.

xDuoo Link 2 Bal Max-2

xDuoo Link 2 Bal Max adopts a Dual DAC architecture. It features two CS43131 high-performance DAC chips that provide excellent high-resolution audio signal decoding on the DAC. Link 2 Bal Max supports high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 audio signals.

xDuoo Link 2 Bal Max features a dedicated high-power amplification chipset. It produces a powerful output with lower distortion in the output signal. Link 2 Bal Max adopts TI TPS65133 amplification chipset that enables the DAC/AMP to produce high-power single-ended and balanced output. Link 2 Bal Max achieves up to 200mW of output through the single-ended port and up to 270mW from the 4.4mm balanced output port.

xDuoo Link 2 Bal Max-3

xDuoo LInk 2 Bal Max portable USB DAC/AMP is compatible with a wide range of devices. It actually has dual USB modes(1.0 and 2.0) easily adjustable using a slider on the side of the device. UAC 1.0 mode is suitable for low-power out devices such as Nintendo Switch and older generation smartphones. UAC 2.0 mode works excellently with most devices including PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, and Tablets.

The Link 2 Bal Max looks stunning, it has an exquisite CNC machined aluminum alloy unibody design with 2.5D double-sided glass on the front and back sides. xDuoo Link 2 Bal Max is an amazing device, a compact build, stronger power, cleaner decoding, and dual headphone connection support. Be sure to check the amazing Link 2 Bal Max out here.

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