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Five Updates With The Latest See Audio Yume II : A Classic Three-Driver Hybrid Revamped!!

Five Updates With The Latest See Audio Yume II : A Classic Three-Driver Hybrid Revamped!!

Back in 2021, See Audio debuted in the international market with the three-driver hybrid namely, Yume. The pair got huge success in the market and got praised for its outstanding sound performance & comfortable design. Today, See Audio revamps the classic with the release of the all-new Yume II. The pair is designed on the success of the OG Yume, with better drivers, readjusted tuning, newly crafted CNC machined aluminum alloy ear shells, etc.

See Audio Yume II-1

See Audio Yume II is launched officially for 199$, you can check out more information here. It’s also available on our amazon store here. Let's check out the updates we are getting with the Yume II over the OG Yume.

Improved Performance With New Updated Drivers:-

See Audio Yume II features an identical three-driver hybrid configuration as the OG Yume. The pair houses a 1DD+2BA driver configuration just like the OG model but in order to bring an upgrade in sound performance, See Audio has upgraded the drivers of the pair with upgraded latest-generation ones. The lower end is handled by a custom liquid-silicone dynamic driver woofer that produces a slamming, powerful lower-end performance. The custom BA drivers have been upgraded, the midrange is presented by a Sonion2300 Unit while a Knowles RAD series tweeter produces the high-frequency band. Yume II with the help of these new drivers produces a cleaner, better detailed, and more resolving sound performance than the OG model.

See Audio Yume II-2

High-Precision 3D Printed Acoustic Cavity Structure:-

See Adio has upgraded the acoustic cavity structure of the Yume II with a precisely designed highly accurate 3D printed acoustic cavity structure. It has been designed to adhere to improved acoustic consistency and proper implementation for the drivers. Compared to the OG model, the new Yume II is not only compact but also produces cleaner output with improved phase consistency.

Readjusted Sound Tuning:-

When See Audio debuted, they got a good name in the industry for their outstanding sound performance. In order to bring an update on the highly-acclaimed set, See Audio has done extensive research in the acoustic department. They have tuned the all-new Yume II with improved tuning for a cleaner, better detailed, smoother sound in comparison to the OG model.

See Audio Yume II-3

Exquisitely Designed Premium Aluminum Ear Shells:-

See Audio Yume II elevates the looks of your portable Audio setup with its exquisitely designed beautiful ear shells. The pair have been carved using a high-precision 5-Axis CNC machining process. They are made up of high-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. The face cover area has a beautiful See Audio logo engraved with a bright golden finish.

Upgraded 6N Silver-Plated OFC Stock Cable:-

See Audio Yume II comes packed with a high-purity 6N OFC silver-plated stock cable. Its high-purity wire cores enable smooth transmission of the audio signal with low internal interference. The cable adopts standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors and a single-ended 3.5mm termination plug.

See Audio Yume II-4

See Audio Yume II is a welcome update to the classic Yume. The pair is said to improve everything right from the external looks to the sound performance with upgraded drivers and improved internal acoustic structure. The pair is officially released for 199$, you can refer here for more information.

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