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FiiO x Jade Audio KA11 Latest USB DAC/AMP With CS43131 DAC Chipset

FiiO x Jade Audio KA11 Latest USB DAC/AMP With CS43131 DAC Chipset

The market of USB DAC/AMP is very active and happening. We get new and updated releases in this category on a regular basis. All the brands equally participate in bringing new and updated products, because the category is quick moving. FiiO, one of the top brands in the HiFi audio industry has introduced a brand-new portable USB DAC/AMP through its sub-brand Jade-Audio, presenting the all-new FiiO x Jade Audio KA11. It is going to be their latest budget offering in the category with some noticeable upgrades such as a new DAC chipset, powerful amp-section, etc. Are you ready to enhance your portable audio experience with the all-new KA11?? Let’s dive deeper into more details.

FiiOxJadeAudio KA11-1

FiiO x Jade Audio KA11 is launched for $29.99, you can check out more information here.

The Jade Audio KA11 brings us a revolutionary sound in a compact form factor. The DAC section is handled by a high-performance CS43131 32-bit DAC chip, which promises top-quality performance in decoding high-resolution audio signals. FiiO x Jade Audio KA11 supports native DSD256 audio signals as well as up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM audio signals. The CS43131 is a highly trusted DAC chipset that provides high SNR/DNR performance and maintains a low THD+N harmonic distortion performance in decoding high-resolution audio signals.

FiiOxJadeAudio KA11-2

With a high-power amp section, the KA11 benefits the users with a strong output thrust. It has an output power rating of up to 245mW per channel at 16Ω of impedance load. It is a strong output performance and probably the best around this price point. The KA11 can easily drive most IEMs and would even cater to some headphones as well. And the best part is it delivers such a strong output through its single-ended 3.5mm output port only. Be prepared to hear a clean sound with more details pronounced easily on the FiiO x Jade Audio KA11.

FiiOxJadeAudio KA11-3

FiiO KA11 has an amazing build quality and compact form factor as well. It adopts a non-detachable Type-C/Lightning adapter cable design with high-purity OFC Palladium-plated Copper cable. Users can choose the connector type at the time of making the purchase. The FiiO x Jade Audio KA11 is widely compatible with a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, etc.

FiiOxJadeAudio KA11-4

FiiO x Jade Audio KA11 is a solid choice for everyday carry. It’s one of the most compact and versatile USB Type-C to 3.5mm Hi-Res audio DAC/AMP in the market today. The KA11 is available in two striking color options, Silver and Black. You can purchase one for just $29.99, check out more details here.

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