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FiiO releases new firmware V1.2 for BTR3K

FiiO releases new firmware V1.2 for BTR3K

Fiio has released the V1.2 firmware update for their BTR3K portable Bluetooth DAC/Amp which adds a new function of renaming the Bluetooth device as well as other fixes and improvements as seen below.

New Firmware V1.2 for Fiio BTR3K

Fiio released the details about the new V1.2 firmware as follows:

New functions:

  1.  Added a new function of renaming the Bluetooth device (FiiO Control App->Setting menu->Custom device name). The same function will be available later in the FiiO Music App.
  2. Changed the sound prompt to differentiate power on and power off.


  1. Fixed the issue where voices could not be heard under phone calls when there was another call.
  2. Fixed the issue where the EQ was invalid after certain operations under the USB DAC mode.
  3. Fixed the issue where the device would fail to turn on automatically when connected to a USB device in In-vehicle mode after it was turned off for a while.
  4. Fixed the issue where the indicator light was still on after setting it to off when the device was charged.
  5. Fixed the issue where certain devices would give an alert of excessive power consumption through USB DAC connection.
  6. Fixed the issue where the device would automatically turn off after 3 minutes if connected to a USB DAC when pairing records were cleared and the Bluetooth was not connected. 

Other Improvements:

  1. Improved USB DAC status indication.
  2. Improved the idle standby time counting after disconnecting and reconnecting through the USB port.
  3. Improved the response time of powering on/off, switching songs, and declining phone calls.
  4. Miscellaneous fixes for volume issues.

Notes: it would be impossible to restore to the factory firmware version once upgrading to the latest one. Please consider it carefully before upgrading.

You can download the new firmware from Fiio‘s website here.


How to update:

1. Please make sure that your device is fully charged.

2. Download and extract the downloaded firmware files making sure that the extracted files contain a ’lib‘ folder, a .dfu firmware file, and a FiiOBluetoothDfu app file.

3. If your computer has other USB Bluetooth devices plugged in, please unplug them first.

4. Make the BTR3K enter 'DFU' mode by turning the device on, then holding the 'Multifunctional' button ( the one between the power and volume buttons) for about 5 seconds until you see the red and blue lights flashing alternately.

5. Now Press and hold the 'Multifunction' button again while also holding the 'Volume up' at the same time until the indicator light turns off. Now the device is in DFU mode.

6. Connect the BTR3K to the computer through the USB cable.

7. Click on the 'FiiOBluetoothDfu' program then click 'Start Upgrade' so that the upgrade process can begin.

8. The Upgrade process should take roughly 1 to 2 minutes, You should see a 'Successful Upgrade' message, indicating that you have successfully upgraded.

9. Click 'Finish' to exit.
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