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FiiO Releases Latest Firmware FW1.0.4 For M17 Flagship Digital Audio Player

FiiO Releases Latest Firmware FW1.0.4 For M17 Flagship Digital Audio Player

Among the entire lineup of HiFi audio gears by FiiO, the Almighty M17 is one of its own kind of device. The flagship player houses the best components like flagship-grade DAC chips, Desktop-grade THX amplifier chips, multiple headphone output ports, etc. Instead of being portable, the FiiO M17 is a transportable digital audio player that can be used both in a portable as well as desktop manner. Today, FiiO has released a new firmware upgrade for the M17, let’s update your M17 to the latest FW1.0.4 firmware.

This update optimizes the automatic screen rotation function. It also improves the light control function and USB audio output compatibility. Let’s check out the entire changeling with the latest update.

FiiO M17 FW1.0.4-1

Changelog with FW1.0.4 for FiiO M17:-

>Optimised automatic screen rotation(When turned off, the screen orientation will be locked to the state before turning off).

>Light control function optimized(When fully charged or not charged, the light will be according to the working state).

>Optimised USB audio output compatibility.

>Fixed the problem where desktop background or photo frame can not be selected as the screen saver.

>Fixed other minor bugs.

FiiO M17 FW1.0.4-2

Updating the FiiO M17:-

Like any other Android device, users can upgrade the M17 using two different methods, Offline, and Online update methods. Just make sure your M17 has over 50% of battery to avoid any issues while updating. 

Offline Update:-

>Download the update file from FiiO’s official website here.

>Do not unzip the downloaded update file.

>Copy the downloaded file to the internal storage of your M17, or to a microSD card(that you are using with the M17).

>Go to “Technical Support” on your M17.

>Click on “Firmware Upgrade”.

>Select “Local Upgrade”.

>Locate the recently copied Update file and select it.

FiiO M17 will update itself and it might restart after the update is complete.

Online Upgrade:-

>Connect your M17 to a working Wifi network.

>Usually, the M17 automatically checks for updates.

>If it doesn’t, go to the “Technical Support”.

>Click on “Firmware Upgrade”.

>Tap on “Check for update”.

>M17 will search on the server for any newly released updates.

>Once it notifies you of the available update, confirm the download.

>Your M17 will download the update and then installation will begin.

Points to Note:-

>Please make sure your M17 has over 50% battery while starting the upgrade.

>Do not unzip the downloaded update file.

>If the device goes to factory mode and cannot detect the firmware, the reason may be that the firmware file is damaged. At this time, press the power button to reboot the device. Re-download the firmware file and restart the upgrade. 

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