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FiiO Release Firmware V1.4 For UTWS5 With Ambient Transparent Mode

FiiO Release Firmware V1.4 For UTWS5 With Ambient Transparent Mode

FiiO has released a brand new firmware update for its top-selling UTWS5 Bluetooth adapters. The new firmware updates the UTWS5 to V1.4, specifically bringing new features such as the “Ambient Sound Mode”, “Game Mode”, “LHDC support”, and many more features. UTWS5 from FiiO has a programmable Bluetooth processor that allows the brand to customize the audio performance and processing capabilities by Firmware updates. FiiO said in the press release that since the release of the UTWS5, a dedicated R&D team is continuously working to bring the best performance out of the QCC5141 Bluetooth processor. Here’s your guide to updating your UTWS5.

FiiO UTWS5 Firmware-1

The following changes and improvements have been made with Firmware V1.4:

>Added Ambient Sound Mode:-

Ambient sound mode is FiiO’s transparency mode with the UTWS5. It enables the users to talk and take note of the vehicular sounds on the roads. To enable this, simply click three times on the ride ear hook. Can also be enabled on the FiiO Control App(UTWS5>Audio>Ambient Sound).

>Added Game Mode:-

Do you want to enjoy Hi-Res audio while playing games on your smartphone? UTWS5 now features a game mode that effectively reduces the latency in the transmission and presents the users with a precise sonic performance wirelessly.

>Added LHDC Bluetooth Codec(Beta Version):-

UTWS5 now supports a high-resolution LHDC Bluetooth transmission codec. It is similar to LDAC, supporting up to 24Bit/96kHz bitrate transmission.

>Miscellaneous performance improvements.

FiiO UTWS5 Firmware-2

How To Upgrade:-

FiiO UTWS5 can be upgraded using two different methods, Online Upgrade, and Offline local update. We will be mentioning both the methods below.

Online Upgrade:-

>Connect both the ear hooks to the smartphone. Both will be upgraded after a single upgrade process.

>Open up the FiiO Control application on your smartphone.

>Click on the UTWS5 Status page.

>Go to “Settings>>Firmware upgrade”.

>Tap on “Online Upgrade”.

>Application will automatically detect the new firmware version.

>Tap on confirm on the dialog box this will start the upgrade.

>After the completion of the update process, a prompt of Upgrade completion will pop up on your display.

Offline Upgrade:-

>Download the firmware from FiiO’s website here.

>Copy the downloaded firmware update file to the root of your smartphone.

>Connect both the ear hooks to the source device.

>Start the FiiO Control application on your connected smartphone.

>Go to Settings, and click on Firmware upgrade.

>Tap on “Local Upgrade”.

>Locate the firmware upgrade file you just copied to your smartphone.

>Confirm the upgrade.

>After the completion, you will receive a prompt of firmware upgrade completed successfully.

Some points to notice:-

>Make sure your UTWS5 ear hooks have a full battery before beginning the firmware update procedure.

>Don’t operate the device when they are being updated.

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