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FiiO M3 Pro Vs Shanling Q1: Entry-Level DAP Battle!!

FiiO M3 Pro Vs Shanling Q1: Entry-Level DAP Battle!!

FiiO recently announced its latest entry-level digital audio player the FiiO M3 Pro. The FiiO M3 Pro comes head to head with the Shanling Q1 in the entry-level DAP department. The FiiO M3 Pro is an upgraded model on the FiiO M3K while the Shanling Q1 fills the gap between the Shanling M0 and M2x. The Shanling Q1 has a small curvy form factor while the M3 Pro features a sleek slim design with a bigger touch screen. Both the DAP’s share the same DAC chip from Sabre Technologies, ES9218P. Beginner Audiophiles might be getting confused between them so today we are going to do a comparison between the two so that it becomes easier for users to choose between them.

Technical Specifications:-

 FiiO M3 Pro Shanling Q1
DAC Chip ES9218P ES9218P
Screen 3.46" Touch Screen 2.7" Touch Screen
Screen Resolution 340*800 360*400
Hi-Res Decoding

PCM up to 384 / 32bit, DSD 64 & DSD128.

PCM up to 384 / 32bit, DSD 64 & DSD128.

Output Power

75mW @ 32Ohm.

80mW @ 32Ohm.

Battery Life

Up to 15 hours.

Up to 21 hours.

Standby Time

Up to 35 days.

Up to 25 days.

Recommended headphone impedance

16-100 Ohms.

8-300 Ohms.

Frequency Response

5Hz – 90kHz.


MicroSD Support

 Up to 2TB.

 Up to 2TB.


95.8mm X 45.4mm X 10.4mm

75mm X 62mm X 16.5mm


70 grams.

117 grams.


High-Performance DAC Chip:-

Both the DAP features the same high-performance DAC from Sabre Technologies, ES9218P. The DAC is able to decode PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz, and DSD up to DSD128 natively. The DAC is powerful and provides a noise-free decoding with bright details. So one can expect great detailing from both the DAPs.


Shanling Q1

Both the DAP features a touchscreen user interface. The FiiO M3 Pro houses a 3.46inch screen which is bigger than the 2.7-inch screen on the Shanling Q1. The Shanling screen has a resolution of 360*400 while the M3 Pro screen has a resolution of 340*800 pixels.

Similar Driving Power:-

FiiO M3 Pro

Both the DAP’s provide a similar output power range. The Shanling Q1 is capable to provide a power of up to 80mW at 32 ohms of load while the FiiO M3 Pro is capable of providing a power output of up to 75mW at 32 ohms of load. Both of them provide a powerful output that can easily power most of your iem’s and buds.

Battery Life:-

The Shanling Q1 has a battery life of up to 21 hours while the FiiO M3 Pro has a battery life of up to 15 hours. Though the FiiO M3 Pro has a longer standby time of up to 35 days while the Shanling Q1 provides a standby time of up to 25 days.

Form Factor:-

Out of the two, the Shanling Q1 has a smaller form factor it has a weight of 117 gms. The FiiO M3 Pro has a sleeker design with a longer body and lightweight body. It weighs only 70 gms. Both the dap’s are sleek and easy to carry.

Bluetooth Support:-

The Shanling Q1 supports Bluetooth V4.2 with hi-res codecs support like, aptX, LDAC and more. On the other hand, the FiiO M3 Pro doesn’t support Bluetooth Functionality. This might be the deal-breaker between both of them as they are the same at every other aspect.

Both the DAP features a high-quality DAC in a small form factor making both of these easy to carry around while capable of providing great quality sound output. Though the exclusion of Bluetooth functionality in FiiO M3 Pro might be the deal-breaker as Shanling Q1 has Bluetooth functionality with Hi-res codecs.

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