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FiiO M3 Pro Latest Firmware Released!!

FiiO M3 Pro Latest Firmware Released!!

FiiO released the latest firmware version FW1.0.9 for its latest entry-level digital audio player M3 Pro. The latest update brings many new features to the player. We will tell you about the changes and improvements with the latest firmware and also how to update it with this article. Let’s first know about the FiiO M3 Pro.

FiiO M3 Pro:-

Fiio M3 Pro-1

Last month FiiO released the M3 Pro as its latest entry-level digital audio player. It is equipped with a high performance pro-grade ESS9218P DAC chip with Ingenic X1000E snappy CPU unit. The M3 Pro is a very capable media player, it can decode PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz, or DSD up to DSD128 natively. The sound output is crisp and clear with no background noise or distortion of any kind. It is very sleek and lightweight, making it very easy to use and carry with our other gadgets. The FiiO M3 Pro gives good value for money with its great build and outstanding sound quality output. It is priced at 99$, check more details here.

Changes and Improvements with the FW1.0.9:-

1. Added the A-B repeat function(Go to Now Playing page->More operations->Start A-B Repeat to toggle it).

2. Added the Recording shortcut on the drop-down menu.

3. Added the function that the volume is adjustable on the M3 Pro while in the USB Audio output mode.

4. Fixed the issue where the quick searching function was invalid on the Browse Files menu.

5. Improved the boot animation display.

6. Fixed issues of potential system freeze and auto reboot.

7. Improved the USB DAC function.

8. Miscellaneous improvements on performance.

How to update your FiiO M3 Pro:-

>Download the Firmware zip file from here.

>Copy the Zip file to the root directory of your MicroSD card.

>Go to System Settings on the Home screen.

>Click on System Upgrade.

>Update will now begin and will take about 5 minutes to finish up.

You can also update your M3 Pro while it is switched off(Should have a charged battery).

>Copy the Firmware zip file on the root directory of your MicroSD card.

>Put the MicroSD card into your M3 Pro.

>Hold down the Volume up and Power button to boot up in the upgrade menu.

This will help you to update your FiiO M3 Pro to the latest firmware and enjoy good quality music on your beloved M3 Pro.

>Release the buttons and the update process will begin.

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