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FiiO M17: The Almighty Flagship Music Player Is About To Get here!!

FiiO M17: The Almighty Flagship Music Player Is About To Get here!!

Earlier this year FiiO unveiled its latest upcoming flagship music player, the FiiO M17. It was revealed during the iF Design Award 2021. The project for the M17 began back in 2019 where it was destined to be announced worldwide by the end of 2020. But due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the development process took a brief stall and we got an announcement date of near August 2021. Now, FiiO is all set to release the Almighty M17 as its latest flagship player. No it won’t be coming as a replacement for the current lineup, rather FiiO has designed the M17 to be a strong pillar in FiiO’s Android Music Player lineup along side the M15, and the M11 Plus. FiiO M17 is more like a transportable source equipped with dual ES9038Pro DAC chipset and desktop-grade THX AAA-788 amplifier module, 5.99” full HD 1080P LCD Display, and many more advanced features. FiiO M17 is available on pre-order priced at 1999$, check out more details here. Shipments will begin later this month.

FiiO M17-1


>Powerful Dual DAC chipset featuring dual ES9038Pro flagship-grade DACs.

>THX-AAA 788 Pro Amplifier.

>Blazing fast user interface with Qualcomm 660 SoC.

>Multiple Headphone output ports: 2.5mm TRRS, 4.4mm TRRS, 6.35mm TRS, and 3.5mm TRS.

>Separate 3.5mm+4.4mm Line Out ports.

>5.99” crisp Full HD IPS panel.

>Android 10 OS.

>Battery Capacity: 9200mAh.

>Power Supply: 12V DC.

>QC3.0+PD Quick charging.

>Battery/DC power supply switch.

Unleash The Power Of True Flagship With the M17:-

FiiO M17 is designed for audio enthusiasts who give utmost perfection to every single detail from their music. It features a powerful Dual DAC chipset with flagship-grade ES9038Pro DAC chips. ES9038 Pro is a flagship 32-Bit DAC chip that delivers high-resoolution audio signal decoding support for both PCM as well as native DSD decoding.

Desktop-Grade Amplifier In A Portable Device:-

“THX” is a well-cognised amplifier architecture brand. They have designed and equipped  the M117 with desktop-grade THX-788+ amplifier architecture produces a tremendously powerful output with lower distortion and clean background. The M17 is capable of providing up to 2W of power when connected via DC power supply. On battery this output power is controlled for better battery life.

FiiO M17-2

An Arsenal Of Headphone Outputs:-

3.5mm+2.5mm+4.4mm+6.35mm, name any headphone output port, the M17 features them all. It supports headphone output with 3.5mm and 6.35mm single-ended, as well as 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced headphone output. It also has separate 3.5mm and 4.4mm line out ports.

Tremendously Powerful:-

With its high-end components, The FiiO M17 is adjusted to provide a tremendously powerful output. The device has an output power rating of up to 3000mW per channel in Bal out. It has a spectacular 16dB gain level in over-ear headphone mode.

Large 5.99” 1080P Full HD Display:-

FiiO M17 is a highly equipped flagship device that boasts a big 5.99” full HD display. It produces crisp, high-quality visuals with true-to-life colors. The 5.99” display is also more than enough to easily operate the device.

Latest Android 10 OS & Lightning Fast Snapdragon SOC:-

FiiO M17 features premium Snapdragon 660 SoC that is paired with 4 GB of ram for a lightning fast performance. The player comes loaded with an open Android 10 OS that allows its users to explore countless media applications available on the play store.

FiiO M17-3

FiiO M17 can be used both via the battery mode or with the included DC12V power adaptor. It provides full performance with the DC power adapter connected.

FiiO M17 is available on pre-order now. It is priced at 1999$, check out more details here. Shipments will begin later this month. FiiO will also be releasing its latest flagship FH9 hybrid IEMs along with the M17. They are also planning on releasing an ESS-based M11 Plus LTD, looks like they have the entire lineup planned ahead for us!! Can't wait for these amazing releases!!

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James Cygnus - November 4, 2021

Will it have a managed charging technology for the battery when plugged in and used as a desktop device? Otherwise battery life will be significantly impacted and it should be considered a purely mobile device only.

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