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FiiO M15 DAP Latest Firmware Update!!

FiiO M15 DAP Latest Firmware Update!!

Fiio released the latest update for its flagship digital audio player, the Fiio M15. The update brings many new features like Google Play Store and more.

You can download the Firmware from Fiio page here or you can also update via the OTA method.

Changes with the FW1.0.2 for the Fiio M15:-

1. Added Google Play framework(if you do not need it, you could uninstall it from Settings->Apps->Google Play services).

2. Added Fiio Music widget(long press on the homepage to pop up widget lists, and then choose Fiio Music to put it on the homepage).

3. Added grouping tracks by Album Artist category(You can select the Artist or Album Artist in the Settings->Artist List Display. The upgrade requires a database update, please scan for music again).

4. Added displaying volume level numbers on the status bar(You can enable it in the Settings->Display->Volume display).

5. Added a new feature of scrolling displaying the currently played track while in a playlist.

6. Added a new feature of automatically pausing the playback after playing for 2 minutes without any headphones plugged in, so as to avoid triggering playback by mistake.

7. Added global USB Audio output (from now on you can get USB Audio with no SRC for all third-party apps. Currently only the PCM format is supported, the DSD format will be added in a future update).

8. Fixed the issue where the Gapless playback would not work when playing DSD tracks.

9. Fixed the issue where the WiFi connection might drop when the screen is locked.

10. Fixed the issue where some buttons would still work when HOLD is set to ON.

11. Fixed the issue where a few types of tracks could not be played properly.

12. Fixed the issue where there might be noise when playing in Tidal with All to DSD set to ON.

13. Improved the sorting by Artist (now the articles 'the, a, an' at the beginning of the names will be ignored).

14. Improved the sorting of Japanese characters.

15. Improved the rule of HR audio quality classification (according to the JEITA standard).

16. Miscellaneous improvements on performance.

Please Note:-

If you have installed the Fiio Music standalone version before upgrading the firmware, there will be two Fiio Music icons on the home page after the upgrade. To restore it, you can go to Settings -> Apps -> Fiio Music, tap "DISABLE" and then "ENABLE".

How to Install:-

There are two methods to update your Fiio M15 player.

>OTA method:-

You can update your device via the online upgrade method using the Wi-fi feature. If a new firmware is available and detected (with the player connected to the Internet), you will find the update notification in the notification center. Then you can tap on it to enter the update menu for online upgrading. If there's no update notification found, you can open the "Technical Support" app, enter the "Firmware Update" menu and tap the "Check for updates" icon to check manually.

>Offline Method:-

You can download the update file from Fiio official website from here. Download the firmware file and copy it to the internal memory or micro SD card. Open "Technical Support" app on the player, enter the "Firmware Update" menu, and navigate to the firmware package file to upgrade.

We hope this article really helped you in updating your Fiio M15 digital audio player.

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